Embracing GenAI: Qvest’s Insights at NAB Show 2024 Share the Path Forward for Media Leaders

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 17, 2024

Strategic approaches to GenAI adoption blending technological innovation with human-centric strategies for the media industry’s future

Qvest Shares Key AI Findings at NAB Show 2024, Highlighting Major Trends in Media and Entertainment

The NAB Show 2024 has underscored the urgent need for media companies to thoughtfully and humanely embrace GenAI. Qvest, a leader in digital transformation across broadcast, media, and entertainment, has unveiled new findings derived from its extensive work with Fortune 1000 major studios and network players, providing a crucial roadmap for this evolution.

Redefining media production and engagement is a complex, gradual process. Winners in the “long game” will effectively blend GenAI with human centricity, offering a pragmatic roadmap for hesitant companies to evolve digitally without getting left behind.

The Current State of GenAI in Media

Amid the GenAI buzz, many companies remain at an implementation crossroads. Aligning with the risk and cybersecurity teams is critical to green lighting projects. For example, Qvest recently shared that they worked with a media company to build a prototype that expands their visibility into sales data. Sales executives were switching between systems to gather the information they needed to make a deal, wasting time and revenue.

By using GenAI to provide instant data access, employees can now use conversational language to compel a composite of their customers anytime, anywhere, increasing calls made and revenue generated.

With the industry poised at a critical juncture, Qvest’s insights shed light on the cautious yet strategic engagement among industry leaders. Unveiled during the NAB Show, a new GenAI Maturity Model outlines the progression from experimentation to comprehensive operational integration — highlighting the importance of early, thoughtful adoption.

Exploring the Potential of GenAI Across the Media Spectrum 

The potential of GenAI spans the entire media content supply chain, from enhancing scriptwriting in pre-production to automating distribution processes. In production, GenAI advances VFX visualization and virtual production, while in post-production, it streamlines language translation and content summarization. Distribution benefits from GenAI through automated localization and format adaptation, and in broadcast operations, it enhances real-time transcription and ad-insertion. Digital media benefits from GenAI’s ability to tailor app experiences based on user feedback.

Future-Ready Media with GenAI

Christophe Ponsart, EVP & GenAI Practice Co-Lead of Qvest US, shared the importance of strategic foresight in GenAI adoption, “In a landscape where GenAI is rapidly reshaping our interaction with media, embracing innovation while navigating it with strategic foresight is crucial. At Qvest, our mission extends beyond mere technology integration; we aim to transform these advancements into empowering tools for media companies to redefine storytelling and connect with audiences on a deeper level.”

This emphasizes the transformative potential of GenAI to not just enhance operational efficiency but to enrich audience engagement and content personalization, showcasing the benefits of stepping into GenAI with both vision and purpose.

This vision is about realizing the potential of technology to enhance creative expression and forge deeper connections. The introduction of GenAI into the media and entertainment sector, highlighted by solutions like TV Buddy and the integration platform qibb, showcases the significant impact AI can have on both operational efficiency and audience engagement.

Qvest’s demonstration of GenAI’s capabilities, from enhancing CRM and ad sales with AI copilots to streamlining content licensing and automating marketing asset creation, illustrates the real, scalable benefits of GenAI. It reveals a path forward where media companies can thrive in an environment that balances technological advancement with human creativity and strategic insight.

The journey into GenAI, as Qvest illustrates, involves more than adopting new tools; it requires a strategic commitment to innovation and a dedication to the human aspects of technology adoption. As the industry stands at the threshold of a new era, the insights and frameworks provided by Qvest, especially during the NAB Show 2024, serve as a crucial guide for navigating this complex but rewarding landscape.

Vanessa Fiola, EVP & GenAI Practice Co-Lead of Qvest US, champions a balanced approach to GenAI, focusing on the harmony between technology and human ingenuity: “The GenAI conversation has often overlooked the human element. At Qvest, we’re advocating for a synergy between technology and human creativity. Our aim at NAB Show 2024 is to demonstrate how GenAI can not only streamline workflows but fundamentally transform the media value chain, adapting technology to complement human capabilities.”

Her insights share the importance of implementing GenAI solutions that align with human adaptability, ensuring that technological innovations enhance rather than disrupt the creative process.

Incorporating GenAI is not merely about leveraging new technologies for incremental improvements. It’s about fundamentally reimagining how content is created, managed, and consumed. Fiola’s vision articulates a future where media companies not only adapt to technological shifts but thrive by embedding innovation into their strategic core, guided by an understanding of both the vast potential of GenAI and the indispensable value of human insight and creativity.

The message is unequivocal: to flourish in the rapidly evolving media world, companies must embrace GenAI with both confidence and strategic planning. This transformation promises a future where the media landscape is not only more dynamic and inclusive but also more engaging, marking a pivotal moment for those ready to step into the new age of digital transformation.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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