Dolphin Entertainment Announces New NFT Collection: The Exiled Aliens

By Juan Fajardo Juan Fajardo has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 22, 2021

Dolphin Entertainment, a digital entertainment company based in Florida, has announced the launch of its “The Exiled Aliens” collection on the Solana network in collaboration with a former Marvel Studio artist.

The Exiled Aliens collection will be Dolphin Entertainment’s first incursion on the generative Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem, which already accounts for more than $11 billion in sales according to NonFungible. The collection of more than 10,000 avatars can already be seen by those interested in doing so but won’t be minted until December.

Each of the avatars generated for the collection will represent an ancient race of alien beings and will belong to a hierarchy as well as have assigned traits resulting from random generation. These traits will make each of the avatars unique by going beyond their appearance, adding value for collectors looking to hold or trade them. Bill O’Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Entertainment, said about the collection:

“Bam! We’re excited to launch our business of building NFT communities with Creature Chronicles: The Exiled Aliens, a collection of absolutely breathtaking graphic art from Anthony Francisco. No one is a better visual designer in the fantasy genre than Anthony, on our planet or any other, and we’ve complemented his work with a rich, compelling and expansive storyline that draws upon Dolphin’s strong creative roots in Hollywood. We believe the Exiled Aliens collection is the perfect entry point into what promises to be a fun and rewarding Creature Chronicles community for both the NFT curious and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike.”

The collection was designed by former Senior Visual Development Artist at Marvel and now Creative Director at Dolphin Entertainment Anthony Francisco. He is responsible for the design of characters like Baby Groot and Loki, some of the most beloved and emblematic figures in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

With NFTs becoming one of the most important drives behind creativity and innovation in recent years, companies of all sizes and industries have chosen to join the craze. However, Dolphin Entertainment is taking a novel approach not only by emphasizing the evolving storyline of the collection but also by providing benefits such as master classes and creative competitions exclusive to holders.

By Juan Fajardo Juan Fajardo has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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