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Posts published by “Sandra Ponce de Leon”

Sandra Ponce de Leon is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is a veteran start-up executive who has launched and supported companies through several successful exits. She has a broad marketing background that crosses consumer and business markets. As a tech passionista, she has a focus on blue-tech and also covers topics such as blockchain,  SaaS, health-tech, mobile, iOT and AI. She is a startup adviser and outsourced CMO that leads corporate marketing activities to fuel growth. Sandra's long history in Silicon Valley has enabled her to forge friendships and business relationships with the industry's top tech leaders and influencers which inform much of her extensive body of work including the Popping the Bubbl podcast, and contributing to #LatinaGeeks where she actively writes about emerging tech trends.

Hyper Moves With Ben Lamm Of Hypergiant

An insightful conversation with Ben Lamm of Hypergiant to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, what drives him and what keeps him optimistic in these apocalyptic times. It was an encouraging window into the brain of a hyper-focused man looking to leave his mark on humanity in a positive way.