Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Deals to Add to Your Cart Right Now

Published on June 21, 2021

There are a lot of deal events throughout the year that can cause people to rush to the stores or jump online and grab their favorite products at a discount. One of the most famous examples of this is Black Friday. But there are other deal events that do the same, with one of the biggest being none other than Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is an event launched by Amazon exclusively for its Prime members, and it includes all kinds of things, from great discounts to special deals and exclusive content. So, if you love to find a great deal and want the opportunity to do so online with a massive amount of items and brands, then Amazon Prime Day is a must.

However, navigating this event can be difficult, especially if you do not want to miss out on something. The goal of this article is to help you learn everything you need to know so that you can make the most out of Amazon Prime Day.

Participating in Amazon Prime Day

While this deal event has a lot of amazing features, there are some restrictions to it, with the first being the membership restriction. While Amazon is open to everyone, Amazon Prime Day is only available to those with an active Amazon Prime membership. Therefore, if you want these deals and are not already a member, you will need to join.

Fortunately, if you want to take advantage of the savings, it is quite easy. All you have to do is sign up for a month of their service, which comes with all kinds of perks aside from access to Amazon Prime Day. Plus, chances are, you will save far more than it costs you to join, especially if you are going after big-ticket items.

Moreover, there are various ways to get something great out of Amazon Prime Day, and not everything is available on a single day like the name implies. In fact, there are some ways to get involved before the official days, which are June 21st and 22nd. One event is the Prime Day Show, which features musical artists Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, and H.E.R.

You can also get early deals if you use Alexa, which allows you to get a leg up on others and start shopping for some early access deals. While you do need to own an Alexa and shop through it, you can find some great opportunities if you take advantage of this. To help you keep the dates straight, here are some important ones to keep in mind:

  • Amazon Prime Day – June 21st and 22nd
  • Alexa Early Access – June 18th
  • Prime Day Show – June 17th

These dates are important if you want to get everything you can out of Amazon Prime Day, but they are only part of what you can expect from this event deal. In fact, there are already some items on sale early that show just how much you can expect from the 48 hours of deals that are soon to come.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals to Look Out For

When it comes to Amazon Prime Day, the first thing you should think about is the savings. While there are a lot of different benefits to joining in on the fun, the focus is the massive price cuts and limited offers.

While it is not certain what all will be for sale and how much of a discount will be offered, you can get an idea by looking at the items that have been put on sale early. The following are some of the things that you can already find on sale or anticipate getting your hands on in the days to come.

Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43-inch Smart 4K UHD – Fire TV Edition

This TV was released in 2020, but it is a great product. First of all, the Fire TV Edition gives you access to live TV and streaming services, meaning everything you want to watch will be at your fingertips. Moreover, it comes in 4K Ultra HD, providing a breathtaking visual experience that will blow you away.

You will also find it easy to use, both because the remote has every button you need to jump to what you want to watch and because it connects effortlessly with its built-in wireless. However, what makes this truly amazing is the price. While this TV is normally sold for around $320, you can get it now for $220, which is 31% off.

Of course, there are conditions to these savings, with the most obvious being that it requires you to be an Amazon Prime member. Additionally, this early savings ends before Amazon Prime Day occurs, so you only have so much time to take advantage.

Wyze Scale, Bluetooth Body Fat Scale and BMI Smart Scale

The Wyze Scale is another great example of an early product with huge savings. It gives a complete body composition analysis to help you reach your goals, which includes a total of 12 metrics. Moreover, it syncs with Wyze’s app and any fitness app, making it easy to keep up with your stats.

The surface of this scale is glass, and the entire thing is a sensor, keeping the feedback easy and reliable, no matter where you place your feet. It can even be shared with multiple people since it can identify up to eight individuals. The best part is that you get a savings of 46%, with the price being around $27 from the original price of around $50.

Daily and Timed Deals

The TV featured above is one of four TVs that is currently on sale with a limited time left on the offer. As for the scale, it is on sale without a defined period. However, if you check Amazon’s website, you can find all kinds of early deals, though many of them are timed and only available for a single day or until a certain number has been sold.

While it is possible to go through some of what is available, since it changes daily and spans every category available, you should explore it for yourself. In fact, Amazon does its best to recommend some items that match what you search for, so you might find some deals on your favorite brands or products.

Discounts on Amazon Branded Products on Prime Day 2021

If you are looking for some of the best deals available, you should start with some of Amazon’s products. In fact, they have a number of things on sale, from clothing to deals on merch and subs on Twitch, one of their platforms. Here are some of the promotions that you can already see if you explore the site:

It does not end there, either. There are deals on all kinds of goods and services, including over 50% off on your first four months of audible and 50% off your first Twitch channel sub as a Prime member. Moreover, even for those who are not Prime members, they can get 20% off a Twitch channel sub.

It expands to curated subscription boxes, Prime Wardrobe, books, coupons, photos, and more. The number of deals already surfacing is immense, and there are only more on the way. While most of the savings in these categories are geared towards Amazon brands, there are quite a few great products and services to choose from.

How to Not Miss Out on Any of the Deals

The deals are incredible, so you do not want to miss out on any of them. To make sure you get everything you want out of Amazon Prime Day, you should consider turning on notifications. In fact, you can get personalized deal notifications by setting your app to let you know when certain deals begin.

All you have to do is go to your options, then scroll to “Programs and Features”. Once there, select “Deals”, then tap on the “Upcoming” tab and start searching for the deals you want to keep an eye on. Once you find a deal you like, you can choose to watch the deal and get alerted once it begins, ensuring you do not miss out on anything.

You should also check the daily deals out to make sure you do not miss something great. Of course, some of it is limited to the number of items sold, so if you have the time and really want to make the best out of the deals available, you might want to check back regularly.

Most importantly, if you want to get the best deals, then you need to check Amazon during Amazon Prime Day. Just keep in mind that it is actually two days, with the event lasting through the 21st and 22nd.

Do Not Forget the Extras

While deals are the main part of Amazon Prime Day, there are a lot of other things to keep an eye on. One previous example is the Prime Day Show. Another example is the fact that you can get four free months of Amazon Music Unlimited, which is normally limited to a single free month upon activation. There are even sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes are something you should definitely check out, especially if you already use Instagram, which is the platform hosting the sweepstakes. The name of the sweepstakes is the Amazon Photos “Smile and Say Prime Day” Sweepstakes, and it gives you a chance to win some great prizes without even making a purchase.

The sweepstakes began on June 1st, and it will continue until midnight on June 19th, with a single opportunity to enter and win prizes occurring each day. All you have to do for your chance to win is follow Amazon Photos Instagram, turn on post notifications, and follow the daily instructions. If you are interested, check out the prizes on their site.

The Prime Card

If you have a Prime card or want to apply for one, then you can find even more deals for yourself. Of course, there are some differences depending on which of their three cards you have, with the three available being the Amazon Prime Store Card, Amazon Prime Secure Card, and Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.

  • The Visa provides cash back on and Whole Foods Market
  • The Store Card and Secure Card only provide cash back on

Regardless of which care you have, you can expect 6% back when you shop on Amazon Prime Day, meaning even more savings on the items that will be available at a discount on the 21st and 22nd.

There is also cash back to get before Amazon Prime Day, with any of the cards getting 10% back when you make purchases from select Small Business brands between the 7th and 20th.

Lastly, there are some exclusive offers available to those with a Prime card, which can be viewed on the website and include things like routers, watches, internet security software, and magazines. There are even items like gaming motherboards, so you can expect to find all kinds of deals while saving yourself more money.


Amazon Prime Day is a huge event. In fact, there is so much going on in the days of and leading up to Amazon Prime Day that it will be hard for you to catch every deal, even if you try. However, that also means that there is a good chance that you can find something relevant to you and enjoy some great deals.

Though, if you want to participate in the event, you will have to be a Prime member. Fortunately, becoming a member is easy and inexpensive, and chances are, you will save far more than it costs to become a member. You might even surpass the cost with a single purchase, making there no reason not to take a look and join in on the fun.


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