8 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays that are Real

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 18, 2021
What does it take to make your music and get it popular on Spotify? A sprinkle of talent, loads of hard work, and a bit of luck? Yes, these do contribute to the cause, but they’re certainly not enough, especially when millions of artists stand as your direct competition. It’s easy when your songs become earworms for some, but what do you do until then? How do you “make” your music popular? We’ll show you how.

Spotify is today’s biggest platform made for creating and sharing music. Musicians, singers, and artists across the world publish their work in order to become heard and become famous. Hopefully, earn a bit from the whole endeavour. And Spotify really is able to make one’s fortune in the sound industry.

However, we tend to forget that Spotify is, after all, just another form of social media platform, with all its perks and flaws. Yes, it’s made to promote music, but it also revolves around getting the community to interact with your content. And how do you do that when you start from scratch?

Sure, you can just post your content and share it with your friends and family. How many plays is that, a dozen? Humans are social animals and, due to certain subconscious attitudes, we make a hard pass when no one’s around to look at what we see, even if the product is of top quality. On the other hand, get a bunch of people to look at a point in the sky and soon you’ll have a crowd gathering looking at the very same spot, even if there’s actually nothing there!

In other words, having too few Spotify plays dooms your content to obscurity. There are certain promotional campaigns and algorithms, but these are always biased or favor growing names. After all, who’s willing to risk and back an unknown candidate?

The situation might seem rough, and it is. But there are solutions. We’ve made a list of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from to try and bridge the gap between you and the competition that is ahead of you. Appearances do wonders and looking like you’re being listened to will do wonders to your Spotify career. Trust us on this.

So, without further ado, here’s the list. Take a close look and see what looks interesting to you.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays


If you haven’t heard about UseViral, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time seriously dealing with social media. These guys have been in the industry since it was conceived and stand as a golden standard when it comes to buying social media engagement. Quick, reliable, and effective social media growth? UseViral has got you covered.

How do they help you grow? UseViral’s standard offer relies on bundles of engagement that you can order without having to worry whether they’ll reach you, get to you in time, or be as effective as you want them to be.

And what makes UseViral one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from? It’s simple: their likes come from real users and have a meaningful impact on your Spotify exposure. UseViral people never relied on bots, farmed accounts, or other shady tactics usually employed by less reputable businesses. How do you think they would otherwise survive on the market for so long?

Buying Spotify plays and growing your presence with UseViral packages is 100% safe, and your account will never be at risk of getting restricted or suspended. In addition to this, your orders will get fully realised within 48 hours. In case of any issues, you can contact their 24/7 customer service, and they’ll gladly indulge your every question. 

UseViral has the means to help you start launching your Spotify career, and they’ll gladly do it. Why don’t you check them out right now?


SidesMedia is one of those services that have caught the social marketing wave early and made all the right decisions along the way. Forfeiting the big profit in order to attract and keep loyal clients, the SidesMedia team has built their network far and wide, which makes them capable of quickly delivering even the biggest of orders for more than 11 big social media platforms without problems today. This makes them one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, without doubt!

Yes, they planned long-term, and they’ll help you achieve long-term growth with their powerful packages of Spotify plays, but also playlist followers, monthly listeners, and artist followers. HIgh-quality engagement ensures that their weight will be felt in the algorithm, as these social media growth experts mastered the art of adjusting the algorithm to their benefit. In other words, expect the Spotify promotional services to treat you more favorably when you grow with SidesMedia!

Real services, provided in a manner that doesn’t put you at legal (or any other) risks, delivered quickly (within 72 hours). SidesMedia knows what you need and delivers without any compromise. No passwords, no registration, no sensitive data required.

Why worry about social engagement, the mood shifts of Spotify market, and ebbs and flows of your target audience when you can focus entirely on your music? This was the driving goal behind SidesMedia efforts and it shows. Kudos, SidesMedia!


What began as an Instagram-exclusive storm of likes became what is today Stormlikes, and that’s pretty much a storm of whatever engagement necessary for six major social media platforms. Spotify included!

Stormlikes engagement is 100% real, 100% safe, and 200% effective. Shunning fake accounts, artificial software simulation, and bot activities that replace humans, Stormlikes has entirely embraced actual, existing followers and their interactions as something that is incomparably more effective than any of the alternatives.

Delivered within hours, Spotify plays that come from Stormlikes will greatly improve your standing in the global community. With more exposure comes more reach, with more reach comes more engagement, and with more engagement come more Spotify plays and followers! Your investment will return to you many times over, given enough time.

The service is completely safe. Due to relying on real people and avoiding illegal shenanigans, Stormlikes ensures the safety of your account. When it comes to privacy, Stormlikes does not require anything except the link towards your content, so you’re completely covered in that respect. Coupled with supreme customer service, this makes the whole Stormlikes experience very pleasant, and Stormlikes one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from. We’ve tested, so we know!

Stormlikes is the storm that’ll blow away all barriers to the success of your music and your Spotify brand. Do you hear the wind blowing?


Another contender for the title of the best site to buy Spotify plays from, Social-Viral offers real and exclusive followers, likes, plays, and other engagement for a plethora of social media platforms. Do you agree with their opinion that only genuine engagement for your Spotify can launch your creative business up to the level it deserves? Then you’ve come to the right place!

With Social-Viral, you’ll start seeing the results immediately. Within minutes, your order of Spotify plays (or followers) will begin with deployment, and within hours, you’ll be already feeling the value of smart and precise promotional targeting. Why would you give up your prospects of sharing your dreams, labor, joy, and emotion just because the platform is a bit rigged against you? Opt for Social-Viral and you’ll have no reason to bail out and no excuse not to succeed.

Because Social-Viral relies on water-tight security policies and has utmost respect for your safety and privacy, they never require your personal information and at no point do they leave you or your account in jeopardy. And, if anything comes up in spite of all the precautions, the amiable customer service will hear you out whenever you reach out for them and patch things up.

Now, that’s some quality service over there. Just get your music up and leave the campaigning to Social-Viral!

Media Mister

Sometimes we all feel like we could use a guy to fix our social media up, whether we’re beginners or not. The marketing pressure is constant, the market rough, and the competition never sleeps. A career in social media marketing is by no means easy.

Well, the crew behind Media Mister has noticed this recurring desire in us and invented just the right person for us! Well, not exactly a person, but you get the idea. Media Mister is just the mister we wished for in moments of social media desperation!

Seasoned in more than a whopping 30 social media platforms (yes, you’ve read that right), Media Mister has the manpower to get you anywhere you want, whether it’s Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Soundcloud, Tumblr, you name it. Manpower, because they rely on people, not fake accounts, farmed accounts, bot accounts, or any other non-human accounts. Spotify followers, plays, and likes that you order from Media Mister come from 100% real people who actively use the site. The engagement is authentic and thus gives several magnitudes of increase to your reach.

Once Media Mister shouts out your band’s (or brands’) name, it will ripple across Spotify with ease. The results will be immediate and you’ll be left wondering why in the world’s name haven’t you done this before?

Completely safe, entirely legal, extremely effective. That’s Media Mister, one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from, and we’re glad that you’ve finally met.


Now brace yourself, some of the largest offers for your Spotify come in the form of Followersup’s packages. What do they provide, you wonder? Here it goes, and you better start taking notes!

Followersup’s delicious and all-encompassing offer includes Spotify playlist plays, podcast plays, regular plays, followers, playlist followers, and monthly listeners. Whew, that’s a mouth load! Can you start imagining what kind of infrastructure you would need to be able to continuously provide all this?

It goes without saying that the followers are real and engagement comes from authentic profiles. After all, simulating such a diverse offer on that big of a scale would be at the very least unprofitable, and perhaps even impossible. And it’s a good thing, otherwise Followersup probably wouldn’t find themselves on the list of the best sites to buy Spotify plays after all.

Followersup is quick, safe, and reliable. Spotify will never terminate your account because of them or their activity. After all, no one has been banned for using Followersup – we have strong beliefs that you won’t be the first.

Oh, and as a sprinkle over the top, hear this out: Followersup offers a lifetime warranty on the quality of their service. In the case of followers or engagement ever dropping below the set line, you’re entitled to a free refill for as long as your account exists! Pretty reliable service, not gonna lie. Well done, Followersup.


In the vast digital space of the Internet it is sometimes too easy to get lost. This goes especially in the cases like those when you’re looking for a site to buy real Spotify plays. Luckily, there are always beacons of professionalism and quality service lighting up the path for those persistent enough in their search.

So, what’s StreamDigic? It’s a service with a team of experts who spent years mastering Spotify both as a social media platform and as a place that promotes music. In the meantime they have spread around the web, but it is still obvious that they started with Spotify and still put their spotlight on the musical network.

StreamDigic specialized in Spotify promotion, that is providing plays, playlist plays, and followers for affordable prices and excellent cost-to-efficiency ratio. They deal with real accounts and genuine users only, so expect nothing but the best from them.

This service, like the others on this list, of course, remains absolutely safe to use, with utmost respect for your safety and privacy. Oh, and did we mention most of these people are artists as well? All the more reason to place your chores in their capable hands.


Do you sometimes just feel sad when you see how much effort you’d spent into creating your next masterpiece, and get only a couple of plays and nothing more? We’ve been there and it’s a rough spot to be in. This is the reason why we included PlaysWiz on this list.

Yes, PlaysWiz is yet another social media marketing agency. However, they’re a team of people who are first and foremost dedicated to promoting music. They deal with Soundcloud and Spotify only so they’ve practically devoted themselves to supporting fledgling artists and giving rookies a fighting chance out there.

Their ranks include social media gurus and marketing aces, but also fellow content creators and people from the music publishing industry. This common background often gives them the edge over other, more well-rounded and sprawling competitors. After all, you have to *feel* the music in order to successfully promote music, right?

For Spotify, they offer top-tier plays and followers, all from actual people who actively participate on the network on a daily basis. They’ll actively work on raising the awareness of your product across Spotify, and the reach of your content will be greater than ever before. All for affordable prices, because, well, after all, they also know the workers of the music industry have been suffering lately.

PlaysWiz is all compassion and efficiency, which makes them one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from. Put your heart in your music, and put your Spotify in the hands of PlaysWiz. This is a tried and true method of getting bigger. Trust us.


To sum up, all of the above candidates have proved more than worthy of taking your music and launching it sky-high. There are some finer points of difference in price, the pack of the punch, speed of delivery, and multi-platform approach, but everyone should be able to find something for their taste here.

And we have to mention the question of safety, since there’s an ongoing opinion that ALL sites that offer Spotify plays and followers represent a hazard to your account. This is not true at all. It is true, however, that there are services out there that offer fakes that can do more harm than good. Some may even get your account suspended, yes. But stay on the set course with these verified agencies and your safety will be guaranteed.

And lastly, the question of bots. They can seem incredibly effective, displaying thousands of times more activity than any human ever could. Even with abysmally low rates of response, they can still bring huge amounts of attention to your content, right? Well, yes, in a way. 

However, they are the major, perhaps even the number one reason for most of the account bans on Spotify. The terms you’ve agreed upon when signing up for Spotify strictly prohibit bots, and there are always active security measures dedicated to hunting down and penalizing misbehavior.

Stick with the safest, most effective route. Stick with one of these sites. You’ll be able to see the results in no time.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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