45 the Golden Age for an Entrepreneur

By Jonathan Low Jonathan Low has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 5, 2022

To all you middle-aged, grayish people fearing that you should have succeeded 25 years ago, and now it is to late. Guess what. It is not too late, and you are not too old. On the contrary. You are right on time, and this is your time to shine.

45 is the golden age for an entrepreneur. Yes, that’s right. And I’m not only writing this, because I’m 43 and the founder of a growth company.

The absolute best time you can take the plunge as an entrepreneur and start up a new company is at the age of 45.

And the utterly worst time to start your company is before you are 25 years old.

These statements seem like a huge contradiction, to what we are often served in the media, though. Again and again, we hear that the young entrepreneurs are the ones to bet on. And the ones with the highest chances of success.

That, to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, you must start really young, as they did.

Well. It turns out, that this is not the truth.

At all.

As a matter of fact, if you are getting close to your forties, dreading that midlife crisis, and fighting the feeling that half your life is gone, then stop yourselves, and chew on these words:

The uttermost successful founders in the United States are in their 40s.

Yes, that’s right.

They are not teenagers nor even youngsters in their twenties or thirties.

They are middle-aged.

And when ‘success’ is measured purely as ‘fast growth’, the age rises even higher.

Among the absolute fastest growing startups in the United States in terms of employment growth over five years the average age is even higher than – yes you better believe it – 45 years old.

The reason that chances of being a successful entrepreneur rises with age, is, among others, that social as well as financial assesses increases with age. You are likely to have more, and better relationships with people of interest to your company, and you are likely to have better financial status. Also, you have probably got many years of experience from paid jobs or early business adventures.

These tings all take time to build, and that is why middle-aged entrepreneurs are much more likely to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with a young business adventure. Youth has something else. More courage, more ideas free from adult limitations, more energy, more time.

I am not saying that you should stop your inner entrepreneur just because you are young.

But more important – don’t stop your inner entrepreneur because you are middle-aged either. Especially not if you are 45.

So why is it that we seem to believe that to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be in your 20s or even younger, living in a basement while feasting on a diet based on coke and pizza?

Probably because it is a better story in the media.

Who want to read about a middle-aged person starting up a business? Using their long-time grown experience and network, living on their savings, and in a house in the suburbs. Nothing sexy about that, right.

Well, I for one want to read about it. I want to read MUCH MORE about it.

I would love to read about all you middle-aged people out there, taking the plunge, and starting up your own businesses. Fearing that you are too old, that you are already behind. That you don’t know enough about social media or overall business.

I want to see YOU in the media because you are the great story. You have already made all the mistakes, and you are not afraid of them. You have the social capital, and maybe even the financial. You have failed, and you have learned.

And hey – statistics says that you are up for success.

So – to all you age-biased investors out there, thinking that good investments mainly lie at today’s young Zuckerberg’s and Gates’. You are wrong, and you are likely wasting your money.

And to you.

Yes you, the middle-aged graying person in the corner.

It is not too late, and you are not too old.

Image credit: JumpStory

By Jonathan Low Jonathan Low has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Jonathan Løw is one of Denmark’s most well-known entrepreneurs and business authors. He has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and is amongst Denmark’s 100 most promising leaders according to a major Danish business newspaper. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Løw is the former Head of Marketing at the KaosPilots – named Top 10 most innovative business schools in the world by FastCompany. He is also former Startup-Advisor and Investor at Accelerace – the leading investment fund for startups in Denmark. Jonathan Løw’s latest books, Listen Louder and The Disruption Book, both made it to the top of the bestseller-lists in 2015 in the category “Business and Entrepreneurship”. Additionally Jonathan Løw is the editor of The GuruBook – published in March 2018 by Taylor & Francis. Løw is the co-founder of JumpStory – an AI-based digital content-platform, which has received a large million dollar investment and has offices in Denmark and Silicon Valley. He is also the author of the foreword to leadership-guru Simon Sinek’s latest book – “Find your why”.

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