10 Unmissable Things to Do at Non Fungible Conference, Lisbon

By Lisa Gibbons Lisa Gibbons has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 28, 2022

Grit Daily is pleased to be a media sponsor for the premier European NFT conference taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, April 4 and 5. A 2-day jam-packed event filled with talks, panels, workshops and experiences that bring together artists, projects, platforms, collectors and investors from the global NFT community. who will share their knowledge and views to an audience of 1500 attendees ready to learn and get more insight into the NFT Revolution.

The speaker line-up includes the OGs and most famous players in the NFT world with exclusive talks by Sebastien Borget from the Sandbox, Brian o’Hagan from Sorare or YEN from the iconic collection World of Women, to name a few. 

Grit Daily will enjoy discussing the latest in the world of Investing and collecting with a panel on the main stage on Monday April 4 at 4.50PM. 2 face of NFT buying


  1. From Guernica to Kyiv

Because of the Emergency of the Situation, 38 artists decided to follow Picasso’s path and create a massive collaboration within 3-weeks. Inspired by Guernica, « MARIUPOL” will be displayed during the Non-Fungible Conference on a giant screen wall. This art installation will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 4-5, 2022 and will be created under the supervision

The Guild. Everyone can bid to buy a layer of ArtWork. All proceeds and royalties will go to the UkraineDAO Wallet.

2. Cosplay Contest

Cosplayers, the time to reveal your inner self as your favorite avatar is here! The NFC welcomes you to attend the conference and participate in the Cosplay dress-up competition. Taking place on the main stage on 4 & 5 April, ensure your Cosplay tickets are purchased and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

3. Nansen Cocktail Bar x Neil Beloufa

What about an AI algorithm generated bar?

The process: Every participant will be airdropped a unique NFT cocktail in their ETH wallet. When they go to the Bar, they can display their QR Code ETH Address (from their mobile). An automated machine next to the bar will scan the QR Code. The Automate is a Giant Pikachu Designed by Neil Beloufa. Neil is a contemporary artist, mostly known for his video installations and monographic exhibitions. He has received several awards in Contemporary Art (Georges Pompidou National Museum of Modern Art and MoMA).

After scanning the code, the machine will play an animation and display the Cocktail Artwork. Participants can redeem the NFT at the bar, and the Barman will mix their cocktail.

Each cocktail can be “used” only once. One out of the 2000 NFTs will be an open bar NFT.

4. Samot Club Live Paint 

Before ever grabbing a brush, the Argentinian rebel Samot expressed himself with oil and wrenches. He honors these roots by painting cars everywhere he goes, and we are bringing two exotic sport cars for him to work on during both days of the NFC. You will then spot these masterpieces driving around Lisbon, so make sure you don’t miss out on the process. @samotclub

5. Mint/Meet & Collect/Connect

100 international artists will be showcased in the 3 dedicated Art Galleries.Look forward to meeting big names like Hackatao, World of Women, The Guild and international curators like Vertical CryptoArt and Artpool. 

6. Sandbox Jungle Party x Party Degenerates

The official closing party of the NFC on Tuesday April 5th. This epic event will take place in the tropical jungle of Estufa Fria, the greenhouse in the middle of Park Eduard VII (minutes away from NFC Headquarters). Expect art and music, a proper sandbox, experiences and amazing acts curated by the co-organiser and rebellious artists from Party Degenerates. 

Guest and the first  confirmed act is massive but we keep it secret. Just a hint for now: Day Zero.

7. SPKZ virtual rooms

Decentralized chat rooms, official discussion channel of the NFC. Depending on your token holdings, you’ll be allowed to join the respective lounges or rooms. Registration for parties will also be possible through this channel.

8. Shopping District

NFC Shopping district, ranging from fashion items, exclusive art collectibles to gaming tournaments. A first for the NFT community, an opportunity to sell and showcase collections to a live audience from around the world in one unique space, bringing the Metaverse into real life

Street market style set up and reinvented codes.

9. POAP treasure hunt x Art Can Die

In total 5 POAPs are to be found at the venue. They will be hidden at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. Visitors can look for QR codes to scan and get their NFT artwork done by artists from Art Can Die. 

Art Can Die is a decentralized ecosystem that offers investors, artists and crypto users a way to participate in the creation, financing and promotion of artistic projects.

POAPs are digital mementos created to commemorate life’s significant milestones. Collectors create a tapestry of tokenized experiences by minting these memories to the blockchain.

10. Grit Daily Panel Discussion

On Monday April 4th journalist Lisa Gibbons will discuss the world of NFT investing with four special guests on the Main stage at 4.50PM. The conversation title is – 2 faces of buying NFTs; Investing and collecting. Follow Grit Daily for updates.

By Lisa Gibbons Lisa Gibbons has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Lisa Gibbons is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily.

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