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Zenklub raises $2.8 million to tackle the pandemic's mental fallout

One of the biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic is managing people’s mental health.

Today Zenklub – an emotional health, and well-being platform – has announced a $2.8 million seed round led by Lisbon-based Indico Capital Partners with Spanish fund All Iron participating alongside Portugal’s 200M equity financing facility. Indico Capital Partners had led Zenklub’s pre-seed round precisely a year ago.

The Zenklub platform provides online therapy sessions with more than 500 specialists, such as psychologists, psychoanalysts, coaches, and holistic therapists. It includes emotional education content and self-awareness journeys in different fields of life, such as family, personal development, work, or love.

Specialists have a full suite of software tools that enable them to book, manage, and invoice their marketplace clients, which in turn rate them according to the provided quality of service.

For Rui Brandão, medical doctor and CEO of Zenklub, self-awareness is a continuous process that people are waking up to. “We are an emotional health ecosystem, from content journeys to 1:1 sessions with specialists, so that every one of us can pursue their emotional journey.”

This round will enable the startup to consolidate itself as the number one emotional health player in Brazil, to expand the company’s product offering to employees and HR departments through an exclusive platform, and increase the sales and account management teams.

“There is an unprecedented phenomenon happening all over the world,” Brandão said. “The COVID-19 crisis has drastically changed the behavior of people and businesses. The demand for emotional health has grown, and emotional health professionals in the segment are not accessible to a large part of the population or are not available in insurance plans. At the same time, companies understand that their core business is people. Taking care of their emotional health is paramount for the survival of businesses as a whole.”

The company is primarily focused on the Brazilian market, but they will be testing new markets such as Portugal. With operations between São Paulo, Brazil, and Lisbon, Portugal, the startup will continue to invest heavily in product and engineering, foreseeing the recruitment of 40 professionals following this round of investment.