The world’s first beer hotel is opening its doors this week, largely thanks to crowdfunding sources. With technology changing so much, crowdfunding has allowed a host of interesting business ideas to come to fruition in recent years.

By proposing a business idea to the public and asking for donations, entrepreneurs have so much more opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

The BrewDog Doghouse is opening up on August 27th, in Columbus, Ohio, and boy is it a dream for beer lovers. Imagine waking up in a brewery?! Each room has a beer fridge and a fully-functioning tap. Each shower in each room has a beer fridge. There’s also quite a few patio areas, a media center, a fitness room, and even a dog park.

The beauty products at the world’s first beer hotel are beer-themed as well! Ranging from beer spa-treatments to beer amenities in the rooms (like beer soap and beer shampoos), BrewDog kinda thought of everything.

Thrillist reports:

BrewDogs’ DogHouse hotel plans were first announced in the Spring of 2017 with a crowdfunding campaign that aimed to raise $75,000. To date, its raised well over $300,000, and the brand is intent on creating the perfect getaway for its most dedicated fans.

As of this writing, there are still regular guest rooms available for opening night, starting at $162. Suites for nights after that start at $224, but you’d be wise to book soon if you want in on the early action because it’s very likely beer nerds from far and wide will be flocking very soon.

Co-Founder James Watt said in a press release:

“From welcome pints of Punk IPA and malt massages to brewery views and shower beers, this will be the world’s first and only fully-immersive craft beer experience from check in to check out. The DogHouse is our gift to the passionate and dedicated army of beer fans that have supported us every step of the way. We are nothing without our community and this hotel celebrates that.”

Just check out the video tour below: