‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Kicks it Old-School

Published on December 10, 2019

Wonder Woman is looker cooler and flashier than ever. Wonder Woman 1984, which was originally scheduled to come out this month, is giving the character a whole new makeover and setting to explore. Set in the ’80s, Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) has come a long way since the dark times of World War I and is now kicking ass in the colorful, poppy 1980s. 

The Trailer

New Order’s “Blue Monday” gives a great vibe and energy to the trailer. It’s a great first look at the character’s return and director Patty Jenkins’ vision for the sequel. It’s more colorful and playful looking than the first Wonder Woman, which was beloved worldwide and made over $820 million. The first movie is quite an accomplishment to top, but as always, there’s room for improvement and, now with the origin story done, Jenkins has less story and character to set up.

Based on the first trailer, it looks like Jenkins and Gadot will live up to expectations with their sequel, which co-stars Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Kristin Wiig (SNL), and Chris Pine (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp), who’s returning as pilot Steve Rogers. 

Kicking it ’80s Style 

Jenkins doesn’t want to make the ’80s a joke. It’s a time rife with conflict, tragedy, and political warfare that Diana will find herself in and confront and question. Aesthetically, though, Jenkins doesn’t intend on poking fun joke of the time period or its fashion. In an interview with Collider, she explained that she wanted to make a movie that feels like the ’80s, not mocking it:

I think I’m super excited to finally get people to have a look at what we’ve been doing because there are two things I really care about. First of all, the message of this movie is something that I deeply believe in and came to us while we were even working on the first movie. I knew exactly what I wanted it to be. But then the thing that excites me the most is we literally set out to do something that I may never get to do again, which is to say, let’s not make a movie that’s ‘funny haha, the 80s,’ let’s make a grand tentpole like they made in the 80s so it’s as if you—I want it to feel like you’re seeing a movie in the 80s.”

News About The Inevitable Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 3 is a given unless there’s a worldwide catastrophe. When it does happen, however, fans will have to remain patient and wait a bit longer than they did for Wonder Woman 1984.

While Jenkins already has an idea for a third movie to finish her DC Comics trilogy, she expressed the need for her and Gadot to take a break:

I think what we don’t want to do is do it back to back. It’s been great doing these two movies back to back, but I think it’s important to give it a little rest in between. And I like doing other things in between. And Gal has other things to do. I never want to make decisions too far in advance. We have to see if we both feel like making the movie we think we want to make when the moment comes.”

Let’s hope after 1984 there’s only more hunger for Wonder Woman movies. The first movie was a grand adventure movie with a titanic movie star performance from Gal Gadot, a good sense of humor, and one of the better superhero romances between Diana and Steve Rogers. Those charismatic characters back ton the big screen, cracking smiles and jokes and saving the world?

Worth the price of admission.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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