Women, Don’t Forget to Manage Your Stress Levels

Published on June 30, 2020

Alright, ladies, keeping track of our health and wellness is the biggest priority of our everyday lives. Making sure that we are holding ourselves in good hands is one of the many things that we have to worry about each day. Our daily schedule is as busy as making sure the house is clean, taking care of the kids, taking care of significant other or husband, making sure everything is going well with our jobs, and taking care of ourselves.

It’s essential to take some time out of your day and make a mental or physical checklist for yourself so that you know you’re doing as much as you can to take care of yourself first before you help others. There are many health and wellness tips that women should know about, and if you don’t, that’s completely fine. We are here as women to uplift and help each other when it comes to our health. Here are some tips that women can follow to improve their everyday health and the long run. So, here are some tips

Tip: Manage Your Stress

Managing your stress is essential. Being stressful is not something we as women like to deal with anyway, and learning how to manage your stress can be challenging at first, but once you have your technique down, then you’re good to go. Women are more likely than men to have stress, so we need to learn how to manage our stress so we won’t have to deal with it overall. 

According to American Psychological Association, “Women are more likely than men (28 percent vs. 20 percent) to report having a great deal of stress (8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale).” Now I don’t know about you, but that’s big ladies, with feeling like the weight is on our shoulders, our stress levels spike through the roof. 

There are many symptoms of stress that you may not think are stress, like physical (headaches), emotional (depression, anxiety, etc.), mental (forgetfulness worry, etc.), occupational (unhappy workplace), social( loneliness) and spiritual (emptiness, unforgivable, etc.)

There are many ways that we can manage our stress. Usually, when I’m stressed out, I try to calm myself down and do something that makes me happy. I try to get let out some happy endorphins. But there are other ways that you can manage your stress according to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center like:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Write it down
  • Take a break 
  • Get organized 
  • Talk to a friend

Don’t think that you are the only woman in the world that deals with a significant amount of stress because you are not alone. Dealing with stress alone can be frustrating because you may feel like you’re the only one that’s stressed out, and you might feel you know why you are stressed, and nobody understands. 

It’s okay. I promise you that you aren’t the only one, and there is someone out there feeling the same way, and if you need to talk, then either find someone to talk to or journal. Don’t be afraid to voice that you are stressed, because you don’t need to fight this battle alone. Having those moments are okay. It’s part of life and we will all get through it together. 

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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