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With Sundance Film Festival 2020 Approaching, Here’s 6 Great Coffee Shops in Park City You Need to Visit

Atticus Coffee & Teahouse (738 Main Street)

Not only the best coffee place in town, but Atticus Coffee & Teahouse also hosts live music on occasions and carry local merchandise from bands and trinkets you may buy during your stay. This is a stellar place to come get good soup and sandwiches when you are in are in need. I once saw one of the guys from HBO’s Entourage in there. While I didn’t troll him for a pic, it did convince me to do work in there, and ironically meet them.

Java Cow Coffee and Ice Cream (402 Main St.)

I wouldn’t say there is great seating here at Java Cow Coffee and Ice Cream, but it is super locally run and there are these really sweet espresso chocolate candy machines that make me go there all the time. Sometimes there are people busking outside for that good local vibe, and it is sweet alternative that is closer to the Egyptian Theater.

Bump N Grinds (1345 Lowell Ave.)

This is the place you wanna go before you hit the mountain.  Bump N Grinds brings you the best of two worlds: coffee and vinyl records. Not only is it pure life in every day form, but there is nothing like a walk up place where you can get coffee and impress your snowboarder friends, or maybe even take the ice skating partner you meet at the film premier? The venue’s walls are adorned with images of local music icons, events that we’ve produced in the DC area and a mural by a local DC artist inspired by an album cover. Our foods, and custom products are named after legendary music institutions.

Campos Coffee (1385 Lowell Ave. AC-106)

This place is indoors in comparison to the outdoors one, so consider it great to take a seat while untoasting your socks and ski boots. It is Australian based so if you are trying to impress any visiting Australians bring them here for an Aussie Meat Pie and some coffee. It closes early, but it is a sure way to jam by the mountain while waiting for a friend.

Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse (268 Main St.)

How could we not be stoked about Stoked Roasters coffee? 
The venue actually has good prices, great conversation, and even some great instant-coffee to go. I can’t tell you whether the placebo effect of it works on me better than the reality of what stoked makes people think, but if you are in for a bro-down sans the nose in the air of industry amongst the festival goers, this place could be the one you are looking for. 

Silver King Coffee (1409 Kearns Blvd,)

I once visited Silver King Coffee on my way to the mountain on my 8th day at Sundance. You know, it was one of those drive-thru coffee spots that wasn’t mad about those who walked up to the drive-thru.
While strategically placed away from Main Street and the mountain, you are always greeted by a lovely barista with a name like Blake or Taylor, and you really wonder why you don’t live in a ski-town that thrives off odd local love. 
So you might as well hop out and take a picture with a mountain of snow in the back.
I think that is all I got for coffee in park City. I can assure you I will be jet lagged coming from Tel Aviv to Sundance myself, so I predict to have at least two cups a day from either of these places and the free ones that you get at the cool parties where someone needs to put you on a list and let you in for free snacks. Oh! And if you see me out there say hey and duh! – lets get a coffee.

The 2020 season for Sundance Film Festival is rapidly approaching, and now is the time for everyone to come along and grab what they really need for epic meetings, big deals, and maybe the normalcy of the week. That’s right guys, I am writing to you about the brown fuel we guzzle every day: Coffee!

You need a place to work outside the press area and all the free lines?  These six places might be the next ones to warm you up of a world in between films and schmoozin’.