Wing Bikes takes on New York City and the e-bike market’s dirty little secret

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 28, 2019

E-bikes — short for electric bikes that provide a “last mile” transportation option in a fun (albeit possibly hazardous) way are all the rage in 2019. In New York City, where most “pedal assist” e-bikes are legal, alone there are dozens of brands from Bird, Lime, Gotrax, JUMP, Skip, Spin and Xiaomi vying for your dollar.

One new entrant throwing its hat in the ring this month is Wing Bikes, led by CEO Seth Miller.  Grit Daily caught up with Seth and one on his team, Connor to hitch a ride around New York and learn more about what drives Wing Bikes and the e-bike market’s dirty little secret.

GD: You’ve had your own interesting background from before Wing Bikes. Share that.

Seth Miller: As a kid growing up in Ohio, riding a bike was my way to experience freedom around my neighborhood. Beyond the joy, I’ve always believed in the utility and have commuted by bike for over a decade in NYC, Bogota and Boston where I’ve lived. Professionally, I’ve worked in real estate, electronics distribution and commodity trading prior to founding Wing Bikes.
GD: What’s behind the name? 
I suggest getting on one of our bikes — the sensation is really what inspired the name.
GD: You claim pricing at half that of competitors. How is that feasible? What are consumers not getting? 
Consumers are not getting a massive mark up.
After doing some research, I saw the bicycle market’s dirty little secret – most of the big brands all use the same massive factories to produce their bikes. Parts are ordered out of a catalog. Our business model bypasses several of the channels that raise the price. Also, although we are certainly for profit, a big goal of Wing is to get more people on bikes and experiencing the unexpected joy of commuting by electric bike.
GD: Your personal invite to NYC area journalists is a kind. Any noteworthy rides so far? 
We are expecting two articles from well known publications this week. Some folks connected to the New York Department of Transportation have ridden Wing Bikes.
GD: What is your favorite route in the city? 
Crossing 9th street going West. The West Side Highway path is a treasure. There are many beautiful routes throughout Park Slope and Brooklyn.
GD: Let’s talk numbers. What does the revenue picture look like? And how big is this team? 

We have taken early bird pre-orders in the six figure range. We anticipate seven-figure revenue in 2019. We are currently five people.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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