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Wine Down and Chill with the Ugly Grape

Are you “so over it” when it comes to wine blogs featuring bottles that are ridiculously priced and available in only one or two zip codes?

Then check back each Friday for our weekly edition of  “Wine Down for the Weekend.” We make dining- or dating-in as much fun as it is to skim over this column. Wink!

Read on for an affordable wine suggestion paired with an insta-dinner that needs only five ingredients. And of course, we also suggest something to watch. We’re here to help you sit back, wine down and chill.

Anything but ugly

Today’s theme anchors around the concept of stretching your mind. It’s time to think a little more expansively. Can ugly be pretty? Absolutely! Everything is in the eye, heart, and mind of the beholder. If Viogniers are as ugly as it gets, then this is really gonna be good! Keep reading to hear more about how you can wine down and chill.

The ugly grape

Disclaimer – I happen to really like redheads. In fact, I used to be one!