Wine Down and Chill: We Wonder

By Loralyn Mears PhD Loralyn Mears PhD has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 20, 2020

We know that there are other things going on the world and a wine down and chill column may or may not be what you need right now. We raise our glass to all the scientists, healthcare workers, chefs, seamstresses, governing leaders and all others who are working together to beat this damn virus.

For those of you practicing social distancing, maybe today’s wine down and chill column can take your mind off things for just a bit and offer a reprieve from the anxiety. If you’re not self-isolating and you’re out partying, what in the #$%^ are you thinking?! Each of us is doing our part to try to ease the world’s transition into the new normal. And many of you have indicated that you want to learn about wine then get down to drinking it! Got it.

We’ll continue to offer affordable suggestions for music, wine, dinner and movies with a different wine down and chill theme each week. You can also follow me on Instagram for wine art and photography @WineDownAndChill (although I’ve deliberately been absent from the platform lately but more on that later).

We’re here to help you sit back, wine down and chill. If you missed an article, fret not! You can find every article here.

Theme: Wonder

We’re all wondering what happens next and collectively holding our breath. Wine down and chill retailers are all reporting upsurges in sales and that they have increased orders to try to keep up with the demand. Apparently, social distancing has spiked (no pun intended) our thirst. Virtual happy hours are the new way to go. It’s also the perfect time for new heroes to emerge.

Listen: Imagine

Imagination and wonder are pretty much synonymous, plus, you’ll see the connection here to our wine down and chill movie selection in just a moment. Some of the members of the Celebrity COVID Club have created quarantine playlists, but the song that we want to direct your attention to is the compilation by today’s wine down and chill heroine. Gal Gadot tapped a few (dozen) of her famous friends to sing Imagine by John Lennon. There is possibly no other song or lyrics that are a better fit for life circa March 2020 around the globe.

“We are in this together, we will get through it together. Let’s imagine together. Sing with us ❤” 

~Gal Gadot

Learn: Brachetto

Did you ever wonder how many varieties of grapes there are? More than 10,000! If I wrote about a different grape varietal each week, this column would still be going 200 years from now!

The Brachetto grape is a dark-skinned red fruit grown mostly in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. And, we all recall that it was only last week that we dedicated our wine down and chill column to Italy, a country loved by all for its beautiful people and wondrous cuisine. This varietal is known for producing fruity, light-bodied semi-sweet wines that have a distinct aromatic profile: the scent of strawberries a hallmark characteristic. And, they tend to be used only in the production of sparkling or semi-sparkling wines.

Brachetto wines are not meant to be aged. You should drink them as soon as you buy them (many of my friends do that with all their wines – LOL). After a relatively short two-day maceration and soaking process, the grape juice is fermented then aged for only three months before it’s shipped to you. Speaking of, let’s raise a wine down and chill toast to all the carriers out there working overtime to bring us the goods we’re ordering online. Unlike most reds, this one should be chilled.

And here’s a fun bit of history. Marc Antony and Julius Cesar both attempted to woo Cleopatra with this wine. She found that the Brachetto grape ‘released her passions’ and was romantically intoxicating, at least, so the story goes.

Wine: Il Conte Stella Rosa Stella Black

Stella Rosa Wines has a message for us, “Let’s Stellabrate.” Indeed, if you’re comfortable at home, safe, healthy and reading this wine down and chill column, that in of itself should be cause for celebration in these trying times. Il Conte Stella Rosa Stella Black has just the right amount of natural carbonation to be festive but is subdued enough to go with the world’s mood right now. And, it has a gold crown – one that symbolizes good, not evil.

wine down and chill
Wine down and chill with Il Conte Stella Rosa Stella Black

This semi-sparkling $14 bottle of red wine blend bursts with raspberries and blueberries. And, did I mention that it’s low alcohol? That way, you can sip it slowly and enjoy it with your friends on the other end of your phone or laptop.

Dine: Wine Down and Chill Solo

Dinner for one doesn’t have to be lonely. Crank up the tunes, zoom a friend or two, and have a virtual dinner party. Get creative! Have a contest. Who can combine the weirdest wine down and chill combination of ingredients that still results in something edible?

Watch: Wonder Woman

We need a hero right now! Wonder Woman (2017) is exactly the fictional heroine that the planet so desperately needs. Gal Gadot shines in her gold crown – a crown also associated with good. Back on Earth, scientists are toiling away trying to find a cure and to develop a vaccine to beat this scourge. And Forbes reports that Wonder Woman 1984, the much-anticipated sequel, may try to keep its release date even though theaters won’t be open. Movies, like every other aspect of normal daily life, have been corona’ed.

Why? Well, streaming it now may possibly generate even more revenues than if it was showing in theaters. Taking a more altruistic and less commercial perspective, maybe the folks at Warner Bros. recognize how much the world needs a hero right now. Like stat.

It’s the weekend. Time to wine down and chill. Cheers!

Lead image by Hamlet on Pixabay

By Loralyn Mears PhD Loralyn Mears PhD has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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