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Wine Down and Chill is Twice as Good

Ready to wine down and chill? Then return here each Friday to find food, movie, wine and music recommendations that are paired in a theme. Read on for an easy, no-recipe-required fabulous dinner paired with an affordable wine, some music, and a viewing suggestion. We’re here to help you sit back, wine down and chill.


I’m not a twin, although many people think that my little sister, who is younger, taller, and thinner than I am, is my twin. Obviously we look alike. In fact, so alike that people have interacted with us, separately, carrying on as if we were the sister that they actually knew. It’s kind of fun to ham it up sometimes and test how long it takes for the person to figure out that we have no idea who they are. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a real twin and completely mess with people!