Windy App Review: Real-Time Snow, Wind, and Weather Forecasts

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 30, 2018

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If you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding, you probably already know that the weather and quality of snow are important for a smooth ride. A combination of fresh powder and clear sky makes for a dream winter vacation!

This week we have an app that gives you real-time weather, snow, and wind forecasts to help you get the best outdoor experience this winter.

WINDY APP, available for both iOS and Android, is an ultra-precise weather app. Initially designed for wind and water sports like sailing, windsurfing, kiting or paragliding, it just launched a brand-new winter functionality. As a weather app for water sports, it quickly reached the top 10 grossing weather apps on the App Store, so we had to test the new snow profile and find out whether it lives up to expectations.

On signing up, the app asks you to select your activity types: winter sports, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, etc. On the home screen, you can search for locations, browse through featured and nearest spots, access the beautifully visualized wind and weather maps, and set up the offline mode. You can find a location by typing in the name or pick a point on the map. The choices are limitless – you can get detailed wind, snow and weather data for virtually any place on Earth.

The weather forecast for each location is highly customizable, so you can make it as detailed or as simple as you want. The app shows the map with the wind rose and a horizontal menu with a few handy shortcuts: you can choose a forecast for a specific activity type — snow, kite, fish, and surf. Choose the one that suits you and the app will show you all the necessary data for the next ten days. With new snow profile, you can see snowfall rates, freezing-level charts, precipitation forecasts and comparisons, temperatures at different altitudes and more.

Here you can also access a group chat and ask locals and fellow travelers for tips and updates –- just tap the chat icon on the map or below the forecast. The app has active group chats running for thousands of locations globally, so it’s a good way to get your questions answered.

Scroll down to see the newly launched Spot Info section. Here you can find information on slopes, lifts, and tickets, as well as contacts of local resorts. Last but not least, take a look inside the Special Offers section in the below menu for promotions and discounts on coaching, services, gear, and accommodation. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

Overall, the interface of the app is on the professional side with a lot of room for customization. It’s geared towards athletes and dedicated active sports enthusiasts, which makes it a bit more complicated yet accurate – the app uses the most trustworthy weather data sources and even compares them. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information, we recommend choosing a few parameters you want to monitor and hiding the rest. You will enjoy the real-time forecasts and stunning visualizations without the noise.

The winter season is in full swing in the Northern hemisphere, so you have a lot of time to go on a weekend getaway or vacation in snowy mountains. Remember to keep an eye on the forecast while scheduling your trip and you’ll have a great experience without any weather-related complications.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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