Why Are You Blaming The System For Your Failure? How to Work It To Your Advantage

By Jason Hennessey Jason Hennessey has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 3, 2021

There has been no better time to grab the system by the reins and leverage it to set up your own online business and make money from home.

Hiding behind excuses has never propelled an entrepreneur to head-spinning success and financial freedom. There is an overflow of rules that can be exploited to help drive savvy thinkers and risk-takers to realize their dream.

Digital marketing disruptor and business coach Junior Anthony believes that budding entrepreneurs are living in a time where there are unseen structures for success at their disposal.

“Leave the negative excuses at the door and make the decision that now is your time. The first step on the road to creating a business is ditching excuses and standing in integrity, both of which come from within,” says Junior.

“One of the biggest excuses that need to be kicked to the curb is, ‘I can’t start my business because … I don’t have the money…’ To be part of the game means that you have to embrace full responsibility for yourself. Excuses are only fit for losers and are lessons in Self Sabotage 101,” he added.

Junior believes that integrity is often mistaken as a weakness but it is a trait that can streamline responses because it will always align with your principles and values.

Keep Driving Forward

‘When life is not giving you what you want you to have to keep driving ahead to chase your dreams, goals, and visions. Be completely relentless until success is yours. Create your narrative that is bound to your integrity,” Junior said.

Junior Anthony sitting
Photo credit: Junior Anthony, with permission

Junior Anthony knows more than a thing or two about success in business having raised himself from being homeless in New York and living in a car with nothing but one dollar to his now-famous name.

“I chanced upon a Mindvalley webinar by author and consciousness visionary Vishan Lakihani which triggered me to explore my own self-limiting beliefs,” says Junior. “I had to make a true shift in mindset where I believed in his digital marketing ideas. Within hours of switching my fundamental framework, I landed my first $1,500 client. I saw that as an amazing opportunity,” Junior explained.

Develop Your System

After he had smashed his narrow thinking and built a successful digital marketing business, he helped a music industry friend who was entering the online world of affiliate marketing to generate income. As he mentored his friend he started posting his impressive earnings online and his soon-to-be students turned rapidly to ask for help. However, he soon realized that free coaching was not a valued system and some students were not using his method seriously. Out of this understanding, LiveSotori was born in 2020 – a teaching company and community which is now a seven-figure business. No excuses. Through his famous high energy and fierce determination, Junior’s teachings have enabled him to grow his wealth and support others to do the same.

Junior has now developed a series of programs and workshops that guide and support soon-to-be entrepreneurs on the way to build an online business through affiliate marketing or building online businesses where people can work from home and make money in the process.

Already hundreds of freshly minted business graduates are part of his hive mind ‘family’ that supports, shares, and looks after each other.

Networking and Community Are Key

Networking and creating long-lasting relationships are key to Junior’s philosophy for success in online business and vital for solo entrepreneurs working from home.

“Starting a business needs a lot of support and our LiveSotori family offers exactly that. We help each other avoid common mistakes and unusual pitfalls and offer solid support, which can be life-saving if one of our family is facing an eviction notice. How is it possible to be focused when you are distracted by looming bills? This is a journey you take with your family who wants you to succeed,” he said.

During the pandemic, the community sustained continuity by learning skills together, making money, eating breakfast together, chatting throughout the day about events big and small, and even drifting off to sleep together via group calls that ran 24/7 throughout the entire week. The bond between the members of the LiveSotori family helped get many of them through unprecedented times.

Creating a business where making money comes second to being part of a family may not sound particularly entrepreneurial but it is a foundation of LiveSotori, which is grounded in Junior Anthony’s passion to help ordinary people develop extraordinary and creative businesses that make money from home.

However, be warned. Junior has no time for online get-rich-quick schemes and warns against them as money-wasting time thieves.

“What motivates me is knowing that every day I am helping my family members realize their dreams, their goals, and their financial freedom. It is deeply rewarding for me when students make their first breakthrough which then leads to their first $1,000 a day. I live for those moments,” he said.

Develop Integrity

Junior lives for the moment when a LiveSotori community member has a core change. “When the excuses have dried up, they are replaced with confidence to work hard, serve people and develop integrity in organically built online businesses,” he says.

Junior Anthony and friends, system
Photo credit: Junior Anthony, with permission

Junior also nurtures mental well-being among his crew. Every Monday he delivers sessions that dive into fears and how to let go of them, how to deal with loss, pain and disappointment, and other negative influences that need to be overcome. He knows the importance of being mentally prepared for the success that can arrive fast.

His success stories are legendary with one 62-year-old student breaking her first $1,000 a day mark and going on to earn $4,700 in a week in affiliate marketing while working from home.

Dozens of members of the LiveSotori family have been able to quit their jobs and resume control of their life on their terms.

“I have a large family of online entrepreneurs that continually surprise me daily, making this the best job I have ever had. I have the luxury of being the person to change my family’s lives and coach my students into massive online success with my methods. That’s why I love to wake up every day.”

By Jason Hennessey Jason Hennessey has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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