Who’s Ready for a ‘Twister’ Remake?

Published on November 25, 2020

Twister is a ‘90s classic. Is it one of the great game-changing movies of the ‘90s? No, but it is a fun and light popcorn movie with a great mix of CGI and practical effects from director Jan de Bont (Speed). Best of all, it has the late Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman bringing a whole lot of charm to the disaster movie. It’s a good thrill ride of a movie, which is now getting rebooted. So, who’s ready for a Twister remake?

The Reboot

Now, nobody is probably in the mood for a disaster movie, but a few years from now, a Twister movie sounds like a good time in the summer at a movie theater. According to Variety, Universal wants Joseph Kosinski to direct the new version of Twister. Right now, Kosinski is finishing up his work on Top Gun: Maverick, which was scheduled to come out this summer until it was pushed back until the holiday season, due to the coronavirus. 

Remembering Twister

As someone who recently revisited Twister, I can say it holds up. It doesn’t scream for a remake for that reason. Jan de Bont made his best popcorn movies feel so real. Speed, in particular, just does not age. When the house is collapsing in Twister? It’s terrifying because it’s a real effect. Hopefully, with the remake, it doesn’t become a modern-day CGI-fest. The original film was a huge hit, making $494 million at the worldwide box-office. The movie starred Paxton and Helen Hunt, and they were surrounded by an immensely watchable supporting cast. The story followed storm chasers in the middle of a disaster like they’ve never seen. 

Not Sacrilegious 

Years ago, Bill Paxton himself wanted to make a new version of Twister. He thought a remake or sequel of some kind, especially in 3D, would’ve been fantastic. Sadly, Paxton — who was a lovely man — is no longer with us. A Twister sequel with him returning to star alongside Hunt would’ve been a lot more appealing than a straight reboot, especially for those with ‘90s nostalgia fever. At the end of the day, though, Twister is no untouchable classic. It’s not like Universal is remaking Citizen Kane, no offense to Twister

Joseph Kosinski is a Good Choice

Kosinski keeps getting better as a filmmaker. The director started his filmmaking career off with the visually dazzling but emotionally cold Tron: Legacy. Kosinski’s sophomore effort, Oblivion, was a solid piece of science-fiction comfort food with a strong Tom Cruise performance. As his followup, Kosinski showed he was more than a man with a great eye in Only the Brave, which is an emotional drama with great performances. As for Top Gun: Maverick, it looks extremely entertaining and probably better than we all expected.

Twister 3D?

If or when the Twister remake happens, bet money on the fact it’ll be 3D. Kosinski has experience with the format. 3D is more often than not a gimmick, but Kosinski knows how to use 3D to make a world and image feel bigger. As many faults as Tron: Legacy has, it looked fantastic in 3D. Kosinski knows how to make a big-screen experience. He can do epic. Since Kosinski knows how to create large-scale movies with artfulness, we’re looking forward to his remake of Twister. The remake isn’t a sure thing, but it’s an inevitable remake. It will happen one day. 

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