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When Will There Be A Euphoria Season 2?

The first thing to note is that Euphoria will indeed be returning for a second season. The hit HBO show starring Zendaya as Rue Bennett, recovering teenaged drug addict, debuted back in 2019. Euphoria’s show creator and show-runner Sam Levinson hopes that season two will be filmed and released sometime this year. Zendaya was the youngest woman ever to win the Emmy for Best Leading Actress in a Drama for her performance in Euphoria’s first season.

When Do They Start Filming Season 2?

Euphoria season two was supposed to film last March, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Levinson wants filming to begin this March, and release episodes later this year. However, this production schedule has not been officially confirmed.

Where Can I Re-Watch Euphoria While I Wait for Season 2?

Anyone that wants to re-watch or binge Euphoria for the first time can stream the full first season on HBO Max. There’s also two special episodes that premiered this past December and January that focus on Rue and her best friend/love interest Jules (Hunter Schaefer.) Schaefer co-wrote the second special episode, “F*** Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob,” that focuses on Schaefer’s character Jules as she reflects on the past year.

HBO released two behind-the-scenes videos to accompany the special episodes. Check out the first one for Rue’s episode, “Trouble Don’t Always Last,” below. The first Euphoria special episode features Rue having a deep conversation with her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) after relapsing in the season one finale.

“F*** Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob,” premiered on HBO Max on January 22nd, and premiered on HBO on January 25th. Check out a cool behind-the-scenes video for the special Jules-centric episode below. The video teases that the episode is a look back at the entire first season through Jules’s perspective. Levinson had this to say about the Jules episode, during an interview with GQ.

“And there was some point in time in which I read that the character of Jules was trending on Twitter because people were debating whether she was a villain or not. The idea that people could watch the show and walk away feeling that she was a villain was so appalling to me that I thought, “I’m gonna write an episode that forces the audience to look at the world through her eyes and understand the burden of loving an addict.

Source: HBO

Currently any plot details for Euphoria season two have been kept strictly under wraps. It’s great that television productions are able to start filming again but the most important thing is that the cast and crew are kept safe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Season one of Euphoria was phenomenal and season two will more than likely be worth the wait, whenever it premieres.

Will you be watching Euphoria season two?

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