When Will Nuna IPO?

Published on March 9, 2021

Nuna is a California-based healthcare company, with a core goal of providing, “high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone.” Founder and Nuna CEO Jini Kim was inspired to found Nuna due to her brother Kimong’s struggle to get affordable healthcare after his autism diagnosis in the 1980’s. Nuna means big sister in Korean, and thus the company was born from Kim’s desire to help everyone get affordable healthcare so they don’t have to struggle like her family did.

Kim also helped fix the glitchy Healthcare.gov website back in 2013, at the request of the White House. Thanks to Kim’s six-month tenure with fixing the website, more than eight million people were able to enroll in healthcare plans on the fixed up website.

Will Nuna IPO?

Jini and Kimono (Source: Nuna)

The company has made an impact since its founding in 2010. Nuna built Medicaid’s first centralized data warehouse in 2015. The data warehouse stores the records of 74.5 million enrollees nationwide. The company also was a valuable contributor in terms of implementing claims based cost scoring for Medicare’s Quality Payment Program.

Right now there is no official statement or confirmation that Nuna Healthcare plans to file for an IPO from the company itself, but nevertheless Nuna continues to provide a vast variety of services for agencies and companies wanting to improve their healthcare systems. It would make sense considering the impact that the pandemic has had on the healthcare industry, and the fact that competing companies have gone public in recent months. Hims, another accessible healthcare company, went public via merging with an SPAC early in 2021.

Despite the fact that we may be nearing the end of the pandemic, it doesn’t appear that the need for affordable and accessible healthcare will disappear anytime soon. In fact, the healthcare crisis may have only deepened the need for such a system, and with the unlikelihood that legislative change will bring about any real progress, healthcare technology companies like Nuna will only see more success.

Some of Nuna’s areas of expertise in assisting federal and state government agencies, health plans and provider systems include system design, cloud-based technical architecture, and highly advanced data science. Other services Nuna offers to potential partners includes creating flexible reporting tools that provide data transparency for all parties, building data platforms to advance value-based analytics, and professional advisory on data infrastructure to enable value-based care operations.

In addition to working with government, Nuna partners with self-insured employers to bring clarity to health plan utilization, identify opportunities to improve employee health, and curb overall healthcare costs.”

Although there’s no official word on an Nuna IPO currently, stay tuned for updates here at GritDaily News.

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