What To Expect From the WandaVision Season Finale

Published on March 4, 2021

Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) fantasy world of Westview is falling apart at the seams. With her two boys Billy and Tommy captured by Wanda’s noisy-neighbor-who’s-actually-the-powerful-witch Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) and a new White Vision ready to be unleashed by S.W.O.R.D acting Director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg), Wanda certainly has a lot on her plate to fix before the season ends this Friday. Will she lose Vision (Paul Bettany) again for good?

What We Do Know About the Finale

The Maximoff Family ready to kick butt! (Source: Disney Plus)

Disney released one promo image revealing that somehow Billy and Tommy get released from Agatha’s clutches, and Wanda is reunited with Real! Vision (for the purpose of this article I’ll refer to the Vision that’s been present in Westview as Vision, and the evil rebooted version as White Vision.)

Seriously, White Vision is super creepy. (Source: Disney Plus)

Will the WandaVision Finale Be 50 Minutes?

Maybe. There’s been multiple reports that episode nine will be fifty minutes long, but that runtime is based off of a Reddit leaker’s report. (To be fair, this Reddit leaker had been spot on with previous WandaVision runtimes). So right now the finale is reportedly 50 minutes long, but take that runtime with a grain of salt.

There likely won’t be a second season.

There likely will be tears shed. Could Wanda lose everything she’s fought so hard to keep?

How Could They Possibly Wrap Up Every Storyline in 50 Minutes? Speculation Ahead!

All I want for WandaVision is a happy ending for these two cute IDIOTS PLEASE MARVEL (Source: Disney Plus)

Episode 8, “Previously On,” answered a lot of questions that had been running as a mysterious undercurrent for the series. Thanks to the world’s worst therapy session with Agatha (seriously, don’t force people to revisit their trauma in real life without their consent, thanks) we learned that Wanda had powers all along, and that her exposure to the Mind Stone amplified them.

Thanks to the Mind Stone, Wanda saw a vision of what is presumably her future self, a silhouette in full Scarlet Witch garb.

Desire to dress up as Scarlet Witch for Halloween intensifying, (Source: Disney Plus)

Agatha dropped a huge wham line at the end of episode 8. When she realized that it was Wanda who completely created her own reality out of nothing but her feelings of grief, Agatha conveyed her frustration that she was using her incredible powers to basically only, “Make breakfast for dinner.”

But then Agatha said the thing, the thing fans have been waiting for!

Agatha is the first character to acknowledge Wanda as the Scarlet Witch in the MCU. (Source: Disney Plus)

What does Agatha’s reveal mean for the finale? Speculation ahead, as nothing has been officially confirmed plot-wise.

WandaVision Season Finale Theory One: Wanda Will Fully Embrace Her Role as the Scarlet Witch

In a WandaVision promo there’s one scene that hasn’t played out yet in any episodes.

WANDA: This is our home

Vision: Then let’s fight for it.

Agatha’s reveal will, ironically, work against her. Wanda will fully embrace her powers of chaos magic, and truly become the Scarlet Witch. But will that be enough to defeat Agatha, S.W.O.R.D and White Vision? And what of the real-life citizens of Westview? Do they want to stay in Wanda’s fantasy world, or escape? It may be Wanda and Vision’s home but what about them?

WandaVision Season Finale Theory/Question Two: Will Vision and the Twins Survive the Finale?


Another reveal from episode 8 was the fact that Wanda created Vision completely out of nothing, where he could exist as long as he stayed in the hex covering Westview. This explained why he began to fall apart when he attempted to leave Westview. Wanda’s twin boys Billy and Tommy were also born in Westview, so will they also disappear if the hex is destroyed?

Comic book canon may or may not save Billy and Tommy. In the comics Billy and Tommy are two of the Young Avengers, with the superhero names Wiccan and Speed. In one comic, Billy and Tommy turn out to be soul shards of the devil Mephisto (I’m sorry, I don’t think Mephisto is showing up in the finale) and Agatha wipes Wanda’s mind from remembering that she ever had children until she finally remembers and then that leads to a whole new set of chaotic events and no more mutants and-

Well it’s nearly impossible to cover everything in one episode, I fear that Wanda will have to face her grief head-on once more. Director Matt Shakman said this in a recent interview with EW.

“The whole show has really been about Wanda processing grief. That’s been the engine behind everything, from the earliest episodes all the way up until now. As a director, and for what [series creator] Jac Schaeffer and her team were creating as writers, it’s all connected to remembering that that is the spine of the story. The story is about how to process loss — and how do we learn to move on from that?”

WandaVision Season Finale Theory: Vision Dies Again, But Wanda Realizes There’s a Way to Get the Twins Back

Stop dying so much Vision, you’re not Sean Bean (Source: Disney Plus)

Wanda created a whole new reality to escape from her grief (which is totally relatable, seriously) but the finale appears to be gearing up to be the moment where Wanda has to choose to go back to reality. This whole time she’s rejected anyone or anything that’s forced her to remember reality (hence why she wasn’t thrilled to see Monica Rambeau again) but it could be Vision that once again forces her hand.

Seriously, this scene hurts a lot more after watching WandaVision (Source: Disney Plus)

It was Vision who had to convince Wanda to kill him in Infinity War. Rational to the end, Vision knew it was better for him to die than for half of the universe to perish. Of course Wanda had to be double-traumatized, not only from being forced to kill her Synthezoid boyfriend, but from having to see him die again at the hands of Thanos.

Will she have to re-live this a third time in the WandaVision season finale? I could see Vision choosing to sacrifice himself again for the chance for Billy and Tommy to live. Or perhaps Vision sacrifices himself to protect Wanda from White Vision, who, if we’re following the comics version of the characters, has no feelings or emotions. Maybe Agatha has a change of heart and decides to help Wanda figure out how to get her kids back. Or not.

I don’t think Vision is going to make it out of this alive if the whole point of this show was Wanda coming to terms with her grief.

Perhaps the point is that she chooses to actively not accept that Vision is gone and that Westview needs to be freed from the Hex. Maybe that’s what will lead to her appearance in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. I love that Wanda isn’t perfect, and that the finale could go in several different directions based off of her decisions.

Wait! What About Monica, Jimmy and Darcy?

Give these three a spin-off! (Source: Disney Plus)

Episode seven had an awesome sequence where Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) became Photon, or Spectrum, or whatever she decides to call herself first: What matters is that she has powers now too! (Lest we forget Monica was called Captain Marvel first in the comics before Carol Danvers.) What’s been absolutely wonderful about WandaVision is the dynamic storytelling that has gone into characters like Monica. I cared about what happened to Monica during the series just as much as I cared about Wanda.

And we will see Monica in Captan Marvel 2 so that’s reassuring.


I know there’s been a lot of great fan theories about the possibility of Mephisto revealing himself as the main villain of WandaVision. Honestly, I’m team Wanda’s-grief-has-always-been-the-main-villain and that it still will be in the finale. I want Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Captain Rambeau to fight to help Wanda, defeat Hayward, take back S.W.O.R.D (Seriously, have Monica continue her mother’s legacy as the new S.W.O.R.D director) and lastly, maybe they could be the friends Wanda needs at the end of all of this.

Just imagine, if Vision is dies once more, and the twins disappear or also vanish with their dad. Wanda is alone again, until she sees a friendly hand. Agent Woo extends one hand to Wanda, while completing his card trick in the other. Darcy and Monica look at Wanda and invite her to get a coffee.

It’s not the love of her life, but it’s the small dash of hope Wanda could use to keep going.

What do you think will happen in the WandaVision season finale?

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