What Alexa Owners Need to Know About the Hunches Feature

Published on January 27, 2021

Amazon Alexa will improve a feature this week called “Alexa Hunches.” Amazon Alexa products have been able to operate off of hunches based off of a user’s typical habits since 2018. However, an Alexa product would ask for permission to do something before, such as turning off lights. Here are a few things that will change for Alexa owner with the new hunches update.

Are Alexa Hunches Set as the Default Option for a Device?

The answer is yes. A user does have to turn off Alexa Hunches otherwise your device will default to using hunches. However, that is just the feature to have Alexa ask you for permission to act on a hunch. You do have to opt-in in order to enable an Alexa device to take automatic actions, based off of established hunches, without asking for permission every time to do so.

Here’s a short how-to video guide from Amazon on the new feature,

How Do I Turn On/Off the Hunches Feature?

One way to turn off the hunches feature is to ask your Alexa device to do so. The Alexa app is the other option for those who prefer to change settings manually. Another benefit of manually adjusting the hunches setting is that a user has control over which devices Amazon Alexa will proactively interact with based off of hunches. Here’s a step by step reminder guide on how to do adjust the hunches settings straight from Amazon as well.

For example. Let’s go back to the lights Amazon Alexa was turning off every night after asking your permission to do so. You can enable Amazon Alexa to turn off those lights at the same time without asking in the Amazon Alexa app settings, and also turn off the proactive hunches for other devices like thermostats or locks. That’s a great benefit for Amazon Alexa owners who want to use the hunches feature, but only for the select devices of their choosing.

What Devices Are Compatible with the Hunches Feature?

Amazon Alexa’s hunches works with these connected smart home devices: Lights, the thermostat, locks, plugs and switches. You can check out what exactly counts as Amazon Alexa smart home compatible devices by clicking this link to Amazon approved devices.

I Don’t Even Own An Amazon Alexa. How Much Do They Cost?

Amazon Alexa’s are quite affordable. A third-generation Amazon Echo dot with Alexa costs $39.99, while a fourth generation Echo dot is only ten dollars more. You can even get a hands-free Echo Auto device for $49.99 for you car.

Will you be using the proactive hunches feature?

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