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New York Real Estate Entrepreneur Welby Launches Consulting Site

Long Island-based, New York born, Haitian American Welby Accely learned the ins and outs of life, business, and real estate investment the hard way: trial and error, failure, reevaluation, determination and, finally, grand success.

It all started when Welby visited his godfather, who lived on Long Island. Noticing the manifest disparity between the lifestyle on Long Island and where he came from, Welby realized real estate investing could change his life.

Welby’s first step was managing properties during the mortgage boom of the early 2000s, discovering commitment and hustle were essential. When the market fell apart in 2008, he found himself on the outside looking in, with next to nothing left. Marshaling his forces, he branched out into other businesses, a car dealership and a tire shop. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well.

That was the turning point. As he reassessed his mistakes, Welby realized he had made a series of comparable missteps along the way. In other words, he didn’t surrender rather, like any good businessman, he learned from his failures.

Welby explains, “I had multiple ventures go south before I really figured out the ways of real estate investing and that unbreakable positive mindset.”

Restructuring his approach, Welby once again entered the real estate market. No longer would he put the cart before the horse. Instead, he would first establish the proper organization to fuel success. He established a corporation made up of qualified, astute experts: attorney, accountant, contractors, realtors, electricians, etc.

Once the foundation was erected, he began investing in a number of New York and Connecticut properties with the help of his team.

His resilience, adaptability, and logical blueprint resulted in not only success, but got him noticed.

According to Welby, “After making my first couple investments in East Coast properties, I knew I was meant to create a dynamic and impactful change in real estate as others began asking me how I did it.”

Like many real estate investors, Welby spoke at seminars but found them one-dimensional and incapable of really teaching others the intricacies of real estate investing. So, he decided to initiate a real estate Boot Camp as an extension of his ongoing business. The Boot Camp covered the practicalities of real estate investing, proceeding step-by-step through the actual process, from beginning to end.

The success of the Boot Camp led to Welby setting up a consulting program for those outside of the region. Called AtMyBest197, the program echoes Welby’s mantra “If I can do it, you can too.”

The consulting program is unique because it is hands-on. Welby takes attendees through the procedure, looking at tangible bank statements, closing documents, wire transfers, and contractor bids, while explaining real world costs and negotiating strategies.

The program as Welby puts it, cuts “the bullshit, fluff and gets past people’s fears of building a life of their dreams through real estate investing.”

Welby believes most potential real estate investors are seeking knowledge, which is why they attend real estate seminars, which instill excitement but don’t provide concrete information. Welby’s program takes up the slack.

“I wanted to create a consulting program and brand that tells people how to do it, step by step, in order from what I do….to boom…deposit in the bank account and valuable assets locked in my portfolio,” says Welby. “We all love a good Tony Robbins event, but that doesn’t tell you how to put money in the bank and build true success in specific industries like real estate. I’m here to tell my story, give you 110% access to me, hold you accountable, and give you an honest education in real estate investing.”

Welby’s website and booking information is now live online and can be found here.

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