Weekly Roundup Healthy Meals: Lunch Edition

Published on April 15, 2020

Working on building a healthy lifestyle and coming up with healthy food ideas can be difficult for anyone. Yes, it may be a challenge, but in life, all things come with a challenge. Eating healthy can always seem like a stressful and unpleasant thing, but I only think that’s the case when you let it be.

Don’t let your mind take over and present to you those unhappy thoughts about eating healthy, filter those negative thoughts out. Think about how in the long run and how once you maintain this habit, it will be something that you can quickly put into your day to day routine.

Instead of making this a daunting thing lets create a good practice and making healthy dishes fun. Just like we enjoy making brownies or cookies, lets take that same motive and apply it to make a healthy meal.

For this week’s healthy meal, we are going to be rounding up some delicious lunch meals. These are meals that you can whip up for any number of people and they won’t take long to make at all. Here are some meals you can prep and have for lunch.

A Simple Burrito

Shrimp Burrito: Such a simple dish that you can whip up any time of the day but I like having these for lunch. They are comfortable and quick to make and if it’s not just you in the house, this is something you can make for everyone and it won’t take long at all. 


1 Whole grain tortilla 

1 lb of shrimp (We recommend Sun Shrimp)

¼ cup of shredded Mexican cheese blend 

2 Tbsp chopped onion 

2 Tbsp. chopped tomato 

¼ cup of shredded lettuce  

Instructions: For me, I like to sauté my vegetables because I want to add some extra flavor. For your shrimp, first, you’re going to oil your skillet and put it on medium heat. As for seasoning your shrimp, you can put any spices as you please. Then, take all your ingredients and place them onto your tortilla and wrap it up and voila you have you a shrimp burrito.

Spicing Up Your Salad

Spiced-Up Taco Salad: I know salad is not everyone’s forte, but spicing up your taco salad, whether it may be adding more ingredients or more spices, can make any salad filling and delicious.  


3 cups of chopped romaine

1 lb of ground turkey cooked in taco seasoning 

1 cup of peppers and onions

2 tablespoons low-sodium salsa 

¼ avocado sliced

½ cup of black beans

1 Tbsp plain Greek yogurt 

1 Tbsp shredded cheese 

Tortilla chips 

Instructions: Oil your skillet and bring it to medium heat. You’re going to cook your ground turkey, peppers, and onions. Now, it’s totally up to you whether you would like to cook them all separately or cook all at once. Also, if you’re a big fan of seasoning your meat and vegetables, go-ahead. Just make sure they aren’t too salty. Then, once you’ve cooked your ingredients, you will transfer your grilled ingredients, lettuce, beans, and salsa into a big bowl and toss them together. Once you’re finished, plate your yummy taco salad. To top it all off, add your avocado, yogurt, cheese, and crunched up tortilla chips.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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