Watch Miley Cyrus In The World’s Slowest Car Chase

Published on December 16, 2018

Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have a lot in common. For one, neither can really decide what genre of music they want to create.

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

The former statement rings true in the release of Miley’s latest single with Mark Ronson that came out this week. A few months ago Miley went on a social media “blackout” to start fresh in promoting her new music when the time came. The former Disney child-star-turned-pop-star removed every single photo and post from her Twitter and Instagram pages and changed her profile picture to a plain black image. The “Malibu” singer remained silent for months, save for a couple of posts when her home burned down in the Woolsey fire that blazed through Malibu and other Los Angeles suburbs last month.

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart is a slow, country disco track with strong vocals and even stronger production. The track was produced by Mark Ronson, who has been credited on some of pops biggest bangers in the last few years. Ronson co-created the track with Cyrus, though the record is technically part of his upcoming album. Ronson was quoted as saying that his new album, which will be the first since his divorce, will be full of “sad bangers.” Nothing Breaks Like A Heart is the first of those bangers to come out.

New Moves For Miley

Though it may be part of Ronson’s upcoming album, the track clearly signals a shift in career for Miley Cyrus. She hasn’t released anything big since her last album, Younger Now. Over time, Cyrus has gone from her title as America’s Sweetheart during her days as a Disney star on Hannah Montana to a controversial, edgy pop star and back again. Her fourth studio album, titled Bangerz, landed her on the front page of many tabloids in 2013 for its controversial plunge away from the Disney image that was created for her. Next came Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, a psychedelic, avant garde album co-created with The Flaming Lips. Cyrus released Dead Petz for free on Soundcloud. She claimed that the album was not part of her three-album contract with her record label, RCA. These days, the album is available on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. But it was available for almost two years on Soundcloud exclusively.

In the video for Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Miley Cyrus is seen in what is possibly the world’s slowest car chase. The video, which is also mildly political, sees Cyrus singing in the front seat of her car during the chase. The video flashes (quite literally) viewers with clips of kids with guns, kneeling football players and other political hot topics. The ending of the video sees an appearance from Ronson himself. The producer jumps into the car to join Cyrus in the car chase before the two escape. It’s as out there and avant garde as you would expect from Miley these days, and it’s just fine.


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