Apple, Apple and More Apple: Digital Trends’ Best Tech of 2019 Picks

Published on December 19, 2019

As CES 2020 approaches, it’s time we look back at the best tech products you fancied this year. Digital Trends, the popular purveyors of tech product reviews and comparisons, tried out over 1,000 different tech products in 2019. And now they’ve announced their picks for the very best, in 10 categories.

Not surprisingly, Apple makes some regular appearances. But you might be surprised at some of the categories they’re winning.

Apple Scores in Some Unlikely Places

Or one in particular. The nod for best headphones didn’t go to something by Bose, JBL, or Sony, all of whom specialize in audio, and all of whom released excellent wireless, noise cancelling headphones this year.

No, Digital Trends picked Apple’s AirPods Pro as the number one headphones you can buy right now.

This came as a welcome surprise from Apple, says Digital Trends, after “upgrading just about every feature over their lackluster predecessor, the AirPods 2.”

The reviewers acknowledged that it was a tough category to judge, with so many excellent contenders, and also recognized Sony and Amazon for offering good options for higher and lower budgets, respectively.

Somewhat less surprisingly, the pick for best smartphone went to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, with its three lens camera, top quality materials, excellent software, reliable speed, and a battery that will straddle multiple days.

Best tablet goes to the Apple iPad 10.2 inch, which Digital Trends says is more and more like a laptop since the introduction of iPadOS. They picked this one over the iPad Pro (a better tablet overall) and the iPad Air because of its more reasonable price point, which makes it the best value in the iPad family.

Lastly, Apple ranked first for the best wearable with their Apple Watch Series 5. This above all other wearable devices gives users the most app integration, the most features, and what Digital Trends calls the best “leave-your-phone-at-home” experience.

Plus, it’s incredibly versatile. If you happen to be swimming and hiking your way to work, you can wear the Apple Watch the whole time. 

The Few Spots Apple Didn’t Win

This leaves the categories won by someone other than Apple: best car, TV, video game, camera, smart home hub, and tech for change.

The latter is something of a Digital Trends specialty, as they devote a significant portion of their editorial power to covering who’s creating tech that supports a sustainable future, promotes equality, or solves issues of human rights issues.

This year, for the first time since their founding in 2006, Digital Trends is asking its readers to do the reviewing for them, with a recently announced Reader’s Choice Awards.

DT reaches around 30 million people every month,” said Digital Trends Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan, “and for the first time ever we’re asking them to nominate their favorite tech of 2019.”

Will readers favor Apple as much as the editorial staff did?

What was your favorite tech product of the year? Let them know over at the 2019 Digital Trends Readers’ Choice Award Nominations.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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