Food-Tech Startup Raises $1.35M for Virtual Kitchen

Published on February 13, 2019

Businesses with no kitchens can now connect to restaurants nearby thanks to this Chicago-based B2B food-tech startup

2ndKitchen was founded in San Francisco by Nick Anastasiades, Jonathan Elron, and Arik Gaisler. It started as an app for pizza delivery service The three saw opportunity for more profit when a huge segment of businesses did not serve food but partnered up with pizzerias. They then started branching out to full-service food menus. 

The app pairs businesses with local restaurants to feed hungry guests. Establishments can focus on important matters as the app takes care of everything from orders to fulfillment.

The company raised $1.35M in funding in an oversubscribed round. Various tech companies such as Hyde Park Venture Partners, Great North Labs, Bragiel Brothers, Liquid2 Ventures, MATH Venture Partners, and M25 funded the project.

CEO Nick Anastasiades says that “Ultimately, any business will have two choices when it comes to serving food.” This is what led to the launch of 2ndKitchen as a kitchen outsourcing company.

“Either go through the hassle of setting up a kitchen yourself, or install 2ndKitchen and serve the best food in your neighborhood with a snap of your fingers.”    – Nick Anastasiades

Taking over

Some bars, breweries, and hotels skip food offerings when there is no kitchen. Guests tend to leave in search of food elsewhere or avoid it entirely. Some have no choice but to allow guests to bring in outside food.

2ndKitchen offers kitchen services to these facilities as well Owners will no longer need to spend extra to build and operate a kitchen. It also eliminates the challenge for bars to make profit from food.

Its client base is growing rapidly. Anastasiades  did not give exact numbers but he said their client base grows “double digits every month.”

The company is now looking to hit nationwide which is why Anastasiades said the company is raising a seed round.

Customized menu

2ndKitchen curates menus for businesses using local kitchens within walking or biking distance.

Customers can order from an in-store kiosk or download the mobile app. Food will then be delivered straight to their tables. The app handles everything from initial setup to ordering, fulfillment, and customer support. 

“[Patrons] are spending more time and more money at those businesses, and restaurants get more customers,” Anastasiades said. “There’s really no reason any business would say no to this service.” he continued.

Where to Find 2ndKitchen

The Midwest is starting to embrace the virtual kitchen business. The best-known bars and breweries in Chicago have embraced the perks of 2ndKitchen.

Hopewell Brewing is one of the first to jump into the food-tech startup’s services. They partnered with Mini Mott in order for Mott St. burger to be served in their taproom. 

Hopewell’s taproom manager Cress Wrenn says that “Customers love our 2ndKitchen Kiosk. It gives them a fast and easy way to have delicious eats delivered right to their table.” 

With a partner like Mini Mott, bringing it into our taproom was a no brainer.”  – Cress Wenn

Vice District Brewing praises 2ndKitchen’s focus on community. General manager Jessie Connor calls it a “game changer” for them.

“We are thrilled to not only bring more options to our patrons, but to also support other local businesses in the communities we now call home,” Connor said.

2ndKitchen is on high demand as hotels, building complexes, campuses, vacation rentals, and co-working offices have all requested installation of the virtual kitchen.


Jaime Aldecoa is a staff writer at Grit Daily. He is an avid traveler, YouTube vlogger, and podcast host. He holds a degree in Mass Communication.

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