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Blackstone Medical Services CEO, Vick Tipnes on Making INC 5000, 325% Growth and Living by a Code

What is the code you live by? Are you willing to stand by what you believe and die for it? Vick Tipnes says it’s a dying breed. We all make mistakes, we’re not perfect, What are your intentions behind what you are doing? Are you willing to stand behind your actions and what you create 100%?

That’s what having true ethics in your business and life looks like; don’t compromise your beliefs for anyone or anything and remember: your intentions matter.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world never gave up when things got difficult. Vick is the perfect example of that, having built a company, losing it all, then starting over again from nothing.

He founded Blackstone Medical Services in 2012 with zero revenue, found himself losing 30K per month, then almost going bankrupt twice.

But he turned it all around and built Blackstone to an Inc 5000 company with 325% growth.

“I think that there is a dying breed of people that are willing to really die for what they believe in.”
-Vick Tipnes

Today, Blackstone is a dominant leader in the Sleep Apnea testing space. If you have ever found yourself on the brink of giving up, Vick’s story will give you hope and inspiration.

I sit down with Vick Tipnes to talk about what next level personal and business growth look like in Episode 550 of the Create Your Own Life Show.