Vanessa Faddoul, Founder of Ahimsa Haircare, Discusses Clean Beauty and the Philosophy Behind Her Brand

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Published on January 14, 2023

Vanessa Faddoul, founder of Ahimsa Haircare, practiced immigration law for several years before becoming a full-time mother to her two children. She is an avid yoga practitioner who has fully embraced the yogic concept of “ahimsa,” which is to do no harm. She founded Ahimsa Haircare to adhere to the philosophy of doing no harm. Ahimsa Haircare products are formulated with all natural, clean and healthy ingredients and sold in recyclable packaging. Ahimsa is focused on a segment of hair often overlooked, to clean, protect and nourish hair during physical activities that can cause hair damage and breakage.

Grit Daily: Please share more about your background and how the idea of Ahimsa came to life?

Vanessa Faddoul: I am a mom and an attorney. I am also an avid Ashtanga yoga practitioner and for me, yoga is a lifestyle. I practice six times a week and it was taking a toll on my hair. I am of Puerto Rican descent and have thick curly hair that was becoming dry, frizzy, brittle from the friction, sweat, and the hair ties every time I practiced yoga. I did not want to choose between my daily physical routine and my hair, so I created a line of hair products that would protect my curls before, during and after I stepped off the mat. I follow the principles of the 8 limb path of yoga in which the concept of Ahimsa (do no harm) is fundamental. Our products stay true to the philosophy of no harm. All of our products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients, real essential oils, they are vegan, cruelty free, and free of synthetic fragrances. Our packaging is recyclable and reusable to further the concept of do no harm to our environment.

Grit Daily: With so many beauty brands emerging, how does Ahimsa Haircare differentiate?

Vanessa Faddoul: Ahimsa is taking a wholistic approach to no harm. We looked at not only formulas and ingredients that are natural or naturally derived, but we have taken steps in our packaging and shipping materials to use recyclable materials wherever possible. There are companies that are clean, but use one use plastics that are not environmentally friendly.

We are also focused on workout haircare. Working out can be damaging to hair and scalp. Dirt, sweat and hair bands/coverings create an environment bad for hair. Ahimsa products are gentle, free of harsh ingredients like sulfates, phthalates and parabens and safe for all hair types. Our styling products are safe and we give tips on using before working out to help protect hair and after working out to refresh and style.

Grit Daily: What goals did you have in mind when you started Ahimsa and what are your goals moving forward?

Vanessa Faddoul: The goal was to introduce hair care that I would want to use. Hair is such an important part of identity and we need to take care of our hair the same way we take of our health.  Healthy hair is an essential part of self care. Moving forward, we continue to create products that enhance the experience of hair care and focus on finding ways to further the cause of ahimsa in our messaging and products.

Grit Daily: Is there a specific hair type that Ahimsa caters to?

Vanessa Faddoul: Ahimsa is good for all hair types and styles. Our products are gentle, hydrating and are great for thick, dry, curls and natural textures as well. The ingredients are clean, natural and safe for color & chemically treated hair. The shampoo and conditioner are gentle and can be used daily, something we formulated for those, like myself, who workout frequently.

Grit Daily: Do you have any upcoming launches aside from the products listed on your website?

Vanessa Faddoul: We do have a few products we are working on to expand our shampoo line to better represent those with finer/oilier hair and a product to help style your hair post workout.

Grit Daily: Do you have plans to expand to retailers in the future?

Vanessa Faddoul: We would love to expand into other retailers in the near future. We appreciate the ability of other retailers to reach another audience and brick and mortar retailers can offer a place of experimentation that is difficult to do online.

Grit Daily: Anything else you would like to share?

Vanessa Faddoul: Ahimsa is a hair care line inspired by yoga but designed for any one who is interested in over all wellness. Whether you practice yoga, cycling, weight training, running or simply have a lifestyle that centers on living a life of good health Ahimsa is for you.

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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