Utah Distillery Unveils “Five Husbands” Vodka For Pride

Published on May 4, 2019

A Utah distillery has unveiled an LGBTQ-themed vodka called Five Husbands to celebrate Pride, which starts next month and runs for the month of June. Five Husbands vodka delivers a new label on the Five Wives vodka that makes a joke out of Utah’s polygamist past. Photos of the distillery’s employees were photoshopped onto the label, which shows five men in tight underwear with their six packs showing. Below the photo is a Pride flag.

Ogden’s Own

This isn’t the first time that Ogden’s Own has shaken a few feathers around Utah’s community. The Five Wives spirit was banned in Idaho back in 2012 because the local Mormon communities found the name offensive, as it pokes fun at the church’s questionable past. Now, the limited edition vodka honors Utah’s LGBTQ community. The label also says “Celebrate Diversity” below the pride flag.

The original label on the vodka shows five women in their underwear. The group of women is shown attempting to hide their underwear by holding kittens, which is the same in the Five Husbands vodka label, though the men in the photo are holding roosters instead of kittens. The vodka will be sold in Utah state liquor stores throughout the month of June. Ogden’s Own is also a major sponsor of the Utah Pride Festival, which takes place every June in Salt Lake City. This is the first time that a local distillery has been named a major sponsor. The company clearly felt that it needed to create something special for the occasion, thus Five Husbands was born. The vodka has received mostly critical acclaim among Utah locals, who are excited to see LGBTQ representation on locally made products.

Utah’s Strict Liquor Laws

Many out of state customers are surprised to hear that Utah allows distilleries at all. The state is well-known for its strict liquor laws, and recent changes to the legislature have only made those laws more strict. Local bars and distilleries have to abide by a strict set of rules in order to operate. For example, bars can only serve patrons 1 oz. of liquor at a time. Other, more confusing rules, assure that patrons are never allowed to order more than one of the same type of alcoholic beverage at a time. A glass of wine and a cocktail is fine, but you’ll be hard-pressed to see anyone carrying two of the same drink at once anywhere in Utah.

A change in the law that went into place in 2018 changed the state’s drinking and driving laws from the national average of .08 to a record low .05. This is the lowest blood alcohol level in the country, but it’s on-par with many European countries for what alcohol level a driver is allowed to have before qualifying for a DUI. Many of the state’s residents protested the change, and experts worried that a lower driving limit would dissuade potential tourism that the state is dependent on. Particularly during the lucrative ski season and during the annual Sundance Film Festival. However, the state saw little change in its tourism throughout the ski season.

Five Husbands will be available in Utah liquor stores starting in late May. The bottles will retail for $19.99.


Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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