Upstart Women’s Org fylí: Milan Fashion Week Is No Longer a Men’s Club

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 19, 2022

In celebration of sustainability as a crucial topic, fylí infused a first-ever immersive experience into Milan Fashion Week to rethink the future of the planet as it relates to fashion. With the support of SHO and Orietta Pelizzari, fylí developed a curated experience to help support their D&I and Sustainability initiatives and forge the relationships, resources, and funding necessary to drive actionable solutions.

“The fashion industry can no longer ignore diversity and inclusion. This experience was about truly shining a light on impact by creating inroads for education, training, and learning new perspectives. After working in fashion for over a decade, I have witnessed first hand the impact that the industry has on our youth and unrealistic expectations of “beauty” or commercialization. When you can see it, you can be it. I’m so proud of the work created by our team and various partners at Milan Fashion Week to pave the way for the future. A future that has environmental longevity, a variety of body types on the runway and in campaigns, uplifts those with disabilities, and showcases true global diversity.” – Jaclynn Brennan, CEO of fyli.

This highly curated 4-day experience kicked-off with designer meet and greets at The Fashion Hub, exploring collections from Made for a Woman and Ara Lumiere. Throughout the weekend, guests also attended shows and presentations of DROMe, The Power of Words Brand, and Luisa Beccaria, attended private showroom tours with Sabrina Scarpellini, Riccardo Grassi, and Rossana Orlandi, and participated in D&I impact workshops.

On September 26th, fylí hosted the Milan Fashion Week closing dinner at Cracco powered by SHO Group.  A group of fylí’s key US-based investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs welcomed Milan industry insiders and notable brands, including Paola Arosio, Sabrina Scarpellini, Riccardo Grassi, Federica Montelli, Luisa Beccaria, Alessandra Guffanti, The Power of Words Brand, Made for a Woman, Endelea, Matteo Bardi, Gianna Trevisan, TORLOWEI, CNMI Sustainability Fashion Award Winners – Ara Lumeire and NKWO.

“The SHO Group recently powered fyli’s Milan Fashion Week initiative which was truly about collaboration, community, impact, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and uplifting women’s voices. As a father to a daughter and a founder, I truly believe in empowering female leaders and that is reflected in our company culture and team. We are all about creating globally inclusive one-of-a-kind experiences and this partnership elevated what it means to come together and support the next generation in fashion and impact” – Josh Sigel, CEO of SHO Group.

The dinner, along with the intimate gatherings, tours, and discussions were dedicated to amplifying the advancement of women entrepreneurs, diversity, and sustainability in the fashion industry in Milan and globally. To end the week, fyli guests had the opportunity to take part in a Lake Como excursion where they explored business opportunities and retail scenarios, hosted and curated by Orietta Pelizzari.

“Now more than ever, the Italian fashion industry is seeking more sustainable practices, greater diversity and inclusion, and impactful international relations,” explains Orietta Pelizzari. “This curated Milan Fashion Week experience is a huge leap in the right direction to support these initiatives.”

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas-based account executive and news desk editor at Grit Daily. She is also a motivational speaker and singer, creative cultivator, and bestselling author. Reach her at

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