Tyler Perry just gave this couple an early Christmas

Published on November 25, 2019

After “wow-ing” the world with his start-studded and media-flooded studio grand opening in Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler Perry is in the news again. This time, for rescuing a Georgia couple in need.

What you give you get back in spades

Perry is known to be a philanthropist, donating to families during the holiday season and sending relief funds to natural disaster stricken U.S. cities and third-world countries. The multi-million-dollar media mogul reminds the world that having fame and fortune are no good if people are not being helped and supported during their time of need. So, it came of no surprise that he stepped up once again when a couple’s story hit the media waves.

A Georgia couple’s plea to get back home went viral after they notified family and friends that a Mexican hospital was not allowing them to discharge until their medical bills were paid.

According to the AJC, Steven Johnson and Tori Austin were planning to enjoy a Carnival cruise when sickness struck Johnson and the cruise infirmary advised him to go to the local Mexican hospital. After being treated for going through a phase of Diabetic Shock, a condition Johnson did not know he had, the couple were told they would not be discharged without their bills being paid in full.

A “famous” call

On November 22, 2019, the couple received a call letting them know that Mr. Perry was rescuing them from their medical emergency. Johnson and Austin thanked Perry for his unwarranted support.

Often seen with some of the world’s most influential African-American celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé Knowles, and Cicely Tyson, Mr. Perry is making his mark on the entertainment and media world.

Perry often speaks about his struggles as a child being raised by an abusive father and his season of being hopelessness and homelessness. In his book, “Higher is Waiting,” he shares how his mother’s faith helped him to become the man he is today.

Hollywood “be jealous”

Months before his studio opened, Perry explained to CNN that Hollywood “ignores” him and that because no one would give him a chance, he decided to be the change he wanted to see. Tyler Perry Studios sits on the decommissioned Fort McPherson and boasts at 330 acres with 12 stages. There are reports that this studio is larger than some of the most famous productions studios in the nation.

Mr. Perry’s studio received much attention as it was chosen to be the site of the 2020 Democratic Debates. Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted to Perry:

“Thank you for choosing Atlanta. The fact that this will be hosted on an old Confederate Army base, built by slaves, and now owned by an African-American man, speaks to all our country has been, all that it is, and all that it can be.”

Atlanta gives and so does Perry

Atlanta has been dubbed as the “Hollywood of the South” and is home to the filming of multiple films and television series. The addition of Tyler Perry Studios to the Atlanta film, entertainment and media scene takes the stakes up a notch for those involved in the market to utilize all the assets filing in Atlanta provides.

According to the studios’ Twitter account, Tyler Perry Studios will open to the public for tours. Fans took to the comment section to voice their excitement, give their well-wishes and some even asked about possible employment opportunities for the studio.

Tyler Perry, in all of his grandeur proves that the best people are givers, and because they give, they will always have. Fans, friends and followers of Mr. Perry are once again smiling and sending their “kudos” to the business man for staying true to his philanthropic mission by supporting people when they need it most.

Maleeka Hollaway is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is a millennial entrepreneur who contributes to some of the world’s largest business platforms. She coaches and consults small-business owners and entrepreneurs to position themselves to grow sustainable businesses and brands; and she speaks on personal and professional development for business success.

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