Trucpal Aims to Digitize the Complex Chinese Freight Market

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Published on April 26, 2022

The Chinese freight market is massive and will likely continue to grow at a 2.7% clip over the next four years. Despite its size, and the tens of millions of individuals and companies relying heavily on this market, it’s still incredibly inefficient. There is low transparency, a lack of formal financial services and it is challenging for most to understand. Unfortunately outdated processes and communication methods have led to numerous challenges for organizations, making it difficult to compete in such a hectic marketplace. Trucpal is a crypto project on the blockchain aiming to change that.

Trucpal is a SaaS platform designed to digitize the Chinese freight market, creating a greater sense of transparency and helping companies build more trust among one another. The idea behind the app is to improve efficiency and eliminate problems modern-day truckers face each day. The app can resolve some of the most common freight market issues all while utilizing tokenomics to fully incentivize the team, app users and contributors to the HGC ecosystem. This new process would help them protect their bottom line while benefiting the truckers transporting cargo.

“Trucpal aims to offer a greater sense of convenience to those relying on the complex Chinese freight market. There is a lot on this platform that users can benefit from, including the launch of a security token that allows for profit sharing. Users will have access to dozens of different freight-related services such as finances, taxes and more; all in one convenient spot.” shares Vincent Kong, the Chief Strategy Officer of Trucpal. “We’ve built a consumer-centric app designed with ease of use in mind. It simplifies the process of using the Chinese freight market, including the tens of millions truckers who use it each day.”

Trucpal looks forward to growing and expanding by offering an exciting opportunity and building a solid community of users. The open network is accessible to anyone, allowing users to join and leave at their discretion. While the security token offers profit sharing, it’s not the only token provided by Trucpal to users. The Trucpal Team also provides its Chinese users a  wrapped token, the De-Trucpal Token. This token can be used to offer liquidity for Trucpoints in the crypto world and allows conversion to Trucpal Tokens in a 1:1 ratio.

“With our project, we plan to release a massive total of one billion Trucpal Tokens to circulate. Twenty percent goes to our Trucpal shareholders, ten percent gets rewarded to core team members and business partners, and fifty percent is reserved for users within the community. The final twenty percent gets sold to investors ready to get in on this advanced platform.” says Kong. “All holders will have access to a profit-sharing model that will increase earning potential and make the return on investment even greater. In addition, holders can receive 75 percent of the gross revenue generated from the SaaS platform, which is subject to taxes and withholding.”

The Trucpal Token complies with US Securities laws and meets all regulations under the Securities Act. Remaining compliant is a top priority for the blockchain project looking to offer an innovative platform to the public and the first of its kind.

The team at Trucpal consists of experts with experience in several fields, including research and development, crypto, and the Chinese freight market. Team members have collaborated to provide a digitally secure space for users to connect, communicate and share while experiencing more transparency and enjoying the potential to earn rewards from referrals and more.

When asked about the rewards, Vincent Kong said, “Users will get a chance to earn Trucpal Rewards from referrals, services, and contributions. After contributing and earning, users can keep the Trucpoints as cash in the app or redeem the rewards as De-Trucpal Tokens to trade on the secondary market at their convenience. If they’d like to trade tokens, they can convert through a decentralized exchange that allows users to complete the safest, most secure transactions within the blockchain space.”

As the first of its kind, Trucpal looks forward to changing the way others depend on the Chinese freight market while eliminating the stress and frustration often involved in something so complex.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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