Trisha Highland Reveals 3 Keys to Your Dream Home and a Fruitful Future

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 19, 2024

Reconciling long-term financial security with your deepest property aspirations is always a delicate balancing act. Top real estate agents near you can often provide one but not the other. But would you still compromise your dream life if those monetary strings could loosen?

Empowering people to attain their ambitions seamlessly is Trisha Highland’s hallmark. One of the best realtors in Portland Metro with a comprehensive financial background, she aims to provide prosperity in any circumstance.

“I create success for my buyers and sellers regardless of the market,” the Realtor begins. “There are always opportunities and advantages!”

“I am also very passionate about wealth building through real estate,” she continues. “People shouldn’t have to dip into their retirement savings to put their children through college.”

Showcasing prominent listings around the globe by utilizing John L Scott’s partnership with Luxury Portfolio International is a massive advantage that she provides to her luxury sellers. Offering custom-designed and beautifully furnished homes is a unique and elevated experience she plans to bring to buyers relocating to Oregon. Now, she exclusively shares the first steps you should take for a fruitful and unforgettable real estate journey:

1. Voice your vision

Trisha Highland offers a personalized service to elevate her clients’ experiences and align outcomes with their ultimate intentions. But she can’t do that without knowing how they think, feel, and see the process panning out. So, the more information you share with the best realtors in Portland Metro, the better.

“Make sure your agent gets a comprehensive understanding of your needs beyond just pricing,” Trisha states. “Do you want open houses or only private showings with pre-qualified buyers when selling? What attracts you to certain neighborhoods when buying? How long do you intend to stay in the home?”

A pivotal factor in achieving your dreams is discovering what you can afford. Trisha Highland has a comprehensive grounding in financial planning, heightened by her role as an operations manager at a prominent mortgage firm. Using in-depth analysis of market trends, she aims to be the top real estate agent near you for making personally gratifying and financially solid investments.

2. Find a faithful financier first

Now that your dream is taking shape, it’s time to put the funds in place.

Many overlook this step—all mortgages are the same, right? Not always. Getting pre-approved could determine the success of the rest of your journey, so take advice on the subject from one of the best realtors in Portland Metro.

“Get your financing in line before you start touring homes,” Trisha advises. “Using a reputable local mortgage professional can make a big difference in a competitive market.”

Once you’ve secured financial backing, you can take the reins of your real estate ride. Trisha established an investment group to provide insight and nurture knowledge among like-minded people, helping individuals reach their investment goals. The likes of tax specialists, property managers, and mortgage professionals attend meetings so that any investor, regardless of experience, can sure-up their financial future.

3. Backtrack for a better view

Perceiving the complete property picture can be overwhelming, especially if it’s closer to your dream than you thought possible. As a result, each aspect of the journey becomes magnified.

While it’s natural to want to ensure the transaction goes perfectly, Trisha Highland’s final advice contrasts with her famed attention to detail. And it could make your real estate experience as idyllic as the life you’re striving for.

“Some transactions come with more challenges than others, and emotions can run high especially if the people on the other end of the transaction are difficult,” she says. “I recommend trying to ‘zoom out’ of the current nuances and look at the bigger picture. Visualize yourself living in the house a year from now, five years from now, etc.”

Your vision might speed into reality with Trisha’s ace-in-the-hole. Partnering with a local Street of Dreams award-winning home designer, a top contractor, and a proficient interior designer, she offers furnishing to fast-track your new home to fruition. The biggest beneficiaries are incoming and relocating residents, who need only bring their personal effects to start living their dreams.

It’s rare to find a passion for vibrant living spaces and economic efficacy in equal measure. But Trisha Highland believes the best real estate agent in Oregon needs both. Harness her financial insight and use it to let your dreams run wild.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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