Toys for Kids That Will Make You Very Popular This Holiday Season

Published on December 15, 2020

Are you looking for some toys for the kids on your list this holiday season? Look no further! Here is a list of all kinds of amazing toys for kids of all ages.

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit ($79.94)

My brother and I got a microscope for Christmas from our grandparents one year, and we had endless hours of fun with this thing. Even for kids that are usually not science oriented, this is a really great gift that is both educational and fun.

Ontel Star Belly Dream Lites, Stuffed Animal Night Light ($29.99)

This great little guy is a combination of a stuffed animal and a nightlight, and it’s adorable to boot. This star belly bear is soft and cuddly with a little light to banish the fear of the dark.

Basic Fun Lite-Brite ($12.82)

Lite-Brite is a classic toy that’s a classic for a reason. While this is definitely a throw back gift, it’s one that’s bound to please kids (and adults!) of all ages, as long as they’re old enough not to choke on the little pieces.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 10 Premium Geodes  ($24.99)

I was a nanny for five years, and one of the boys I took care of got this for his birthday one year, and boy did he have fun with sanctioned rock smashing. I highly recommend it, it will bring a smile to any kid’s face.

Exploding Kittens Card Game ($19.99)

This is another one I picked up from the boys I nannied. They absolutely loved this game. We had some great times playing this. It’s fun for the whole family.

Nintendo Switch ($299.00)

This is a big ticket item for sure, but it is totally worth it. It’s great for kids of all ages, and there’s so many games that go with it for every single age level and interest. I love it, my sisters and brother love it, it’s an easy win.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Wrath of Loki 76152 Building Toy ($47.99)

Legos always make for a great holiday gift, and if you have a Marvel fan on your list this is a super cool Lego set for them. Legos are those toys for kids that never go out of style.

Ravensburger 12908 Northern Wolves 150 Piece Puzzle for Kids ($13.99)

Ravensburger puzzles are the coolest puzzles out there, especially the fantasy and nature themed ones. This puzzle is perfect for kids who are just getting started on their journey with puzzling.

LOL Surprise OMG 24K D.J. Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises ($26.99)

LOL Surprise Dolls are the absolute trendiest toys for kids these days. They go wild over these things. This doll is a perfect gift for the trendy kid in your life.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece ($34.99)

If you have a kiddo who loves playing dress up and loves Disney, which I feel like most kids do at some point in their lives, this is the perfect gift. There’s several princess options and it’s a whole trunk full of fun.

Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game ($9.73)

Matching games are both helpful for brain development in kids, and also super fun. It’s a great game for younger kids to play that’s also fun for older ones. There are also superheroes involved, which is always fun.

Sunnyglade 55” x 53” Princess Tent ($39.99)

I wish I had this as a child. This is like the cool thing the most popular girl in school has that makes everyone want to have playdates at her house. The kid in your life can live that dream now.

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set ($29.09)

Every kid I’ve ever met had something like this kit. Every single kind of kid can find something super fun to do with this set. It’s an endless world of creative possibilities.

Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit ($17.99)

I’ve used this crystal growing kit, again with the kids I nannied (thanks for the help with this article, guys!) and it was super fun. We had a great time making crystals with this kit, and someone on your list probably will too.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit ($10.39)

This is another science gift, but in the time of COVID-19, fun activities like this just seem like a really great and practical gift. This kit allows kids to build their own terrariums, which is super unique and fun for kids of all ages.

TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure w/ Activity Play Mat & Trees ($29.99)

This is another one of those gifts that just seems like every kid’s dream. This is a great gift for younger kids who are super hands on.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit ($24.99)

If you have a budding gardener in your life, this is a great gift for them. Not only can you grow the flowers, but you can plaint the container. It’s a whole journey.

Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids ($19.99)

This soap making kit is a double whammy. Not only is it fun for kids, but it also reinforces the idea that hand washing is important. Perfect for 2020!

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