Top 8 Education Startups & Fast-Growing Companies Changing the Industry

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 22, 2022

Perhaps, never in human history has the idea that knowledge is power been so true as today. The ability to learn something new, absorb fresh insights, and understand where and how to look for answers and solutions instead of knowing them by heart are the skills highly valued nowadays by teachers and HR managers. Accordingly, we present the top 5 fast-growing education startup companies and the top 3 startups that will or already are changing the online education industry.

Top 5 Fast-Growing Education Startups That Impact the Way We Learn with Technology

1. Brainly

Founded: 2009

Brainly is one of the largest learning platforms on the Internet for high school and college students, educators, and parents. The main idea of the website is that users help each other answer questions and find solutions to problems in a broad range of subjects. In a sense, Brainly is kind of a social network with user rating elements. The latest available data mentions over 350 million monthly users in the middle of 2021, more than doubling compared to 2019.

As the platform’s system is based on a peer-to-peer concept, with no paid services involved between those who seek answers and those who provide them, the company avoids any accusations of violating academic integrity principles. And at the same time, it creates great conditions for students to get so-much-needed help.

2. Teachoo

Founded: 2014

An Indian-based Internet learning platform Teachoo has grown an estimated number of monthly users to almost 10 million in a matter of a couple of years. Designed primarily for ESL students, Teachoo offers help with studying for schoolers through classes 6 to 12. The range of covered subjects includes English, Math, Science, Social Science, Computer Science (Python), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, and Accountancy.

However, the biggest popularity came to Teachoo thanks to their GST and Accounting, Excel, Tally accounting software, Finance and CMA Data, and Payroll courses. Eventually, the website became a go-to place for anyone who wants to improve their English, Math, or tax preparation skills. And while the service was created mainly for Indian users, it is rapidly gaining popularity across the board.

3. PaperHelp

Founded: 2008

Writing makes up the lion’s share of any student’s homework. Dozens of essays, research and term papers, reports, reviews, course works, and other tasks – college and university goers have to chur original papers out like hot pancakes. If you are pressed for time or are unsure about the best approach to content structuring, an expertly crafted example written according to your requirements can really pull you through. PaperHelp is an online custom writing service that has been impacting the learning assistance landscape for over a decade. Students can address the company, ask, “Write my paper” or “Solve a problem for me” – and then use the delivered piece or solution as a model or template to complete the task single-handedly.

Although online custom writing services are growing explosively today, they are often called for heavy criticism from various educational institutions. PaperHelp, in particular, has installed an honor code that prohibits users from submitting the received papers and solutions as their own in order to prevent academic integrity violations.

4. EdApp

Founded: 2015

EdTech is far beyond just helping students cope with their homework. It also includes solutions for highly demanded retail and corporate training. And hardly would you find a better and more dynamically developing service for that than EdApp. Based on an innovative micro-learning concept, this SaaS platform hosts hundreds of free courses on various topics, social and peer learning features for teams, gamification solutions, and, of course, the ability to create your own customized training products.

Just the fact that the EdApp learning management system is used by CocaCola, Amgen, Pernod Ricard, Audi, and even the UN should say a lot about its impact on the industry and the bright perspectives it has. After all, business-oriented EdTech will never be out of trend, as this area has remained the most popular in the US for many years now.

5. Amboss

Founded: 2013

Along with business, the health industry and nursing education continuously make it to the top 5 most popular areas of education on American soil. In that context, no wonder that Amboss made it to our list of top education startups. This learning platform was designed specifically for medical students and clinicians. The former can benefit big time from Digital Medical Library for studying and USMLE & NBME knowledge Qbank for exam prep. The latter can use Amboss to get up-to-date support for various clinical situations in order to provide more efficient and applicable patient care.

Having been one of only a few companies able to bring a complicated medical theme online, Amboss is steadily raising dozens of millions of dollars during funding rounds while enhancing its user base. The visionary approach to the popular educational realm gives the company all the chances of becoming one of the largest enterprises in medical EdTech.

Top 3 New Education Startups (EdTech) That Can Soon Catch Fire

6. Junto

Founded: 2022

Junto is a German-based education startup with the mission to move a solid chunk of predominantly offline corporate training onto the Internet. To this end, the company combines two key features. The first one has a lot to do with the famous MasterClass platform and offers insightful online courses directly from world-class business and tech entrepreneurs. The second one involves interactive cohort-based courses, live training sessions by acknowledged business leaders, and a strong community of like-minded peers who might face challenges similar to yours. Altogether, it all gives a company’s top managers and high-potentials a powerful tool to boost team performance.

7. Utobo

Founded: 2021

As you might’ve noticed, online coaching, tutoring, and learning content have grown exponentially over the last few years. Such a circumstance poses a very non-trivial challenge of having a tool that will help creators produce, test, market, and analyze their work. At the moment, they are forced to use different services and utilities to fulfill each task or rely on an external agency. Utobo is an education startup meant to change that by offering educators and coaches a state-of-the-art platform to create, engage, deliver, and grow their brands and products. What’s more, it is considered one of the simplest tools to let solopreneurs get the job done without any specialized knowledge or skill.

8. Wilco

Founded: 2021

And, of course, our list on education startups wouldn’t be complete without a startup from yet another extremely popular field of study. We’re talking coding here. Wilco focuses not so much on learning the basics of some specific programming language but on providing comprehensive opportunities for already practicing coders to upskill – and do it in a fun way. The most prominent feature here is providing a real-life tech stack; thanks to working with it, building things for the real world, and fixing real bugs, developers can acquire, exercise, and master new skills. This goes in perfect sync with the company’s motto, “Never stop developing,” which, in fact, can be attributed to modern education as a whole.

Today, there’s no lack of already working concepts or absolutely new ideas that shape and reshape EdTech in particular and the education industry in general. Students of all levels, their parents, teachers, and educators can take advantage of multiple free and paid tools to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills, or simplify their chores, be it paper writing or creating a new online course. The main thing is that learning more effectively and studying better, thanks to EdTech, can make the entire world a more exciting place to live in.

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Jennifer Johnson is an Operations Specialist and Booking Producer at Grit Daily.

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