The Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas for 2023

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on August 29, 2023

In the vast and bustling real estate landscape of Texas, a select group of professionals has risen above the rest, distinguishing themselves as the Lone Star State’s crème de la crème. As the demand for properties surges, the need for trustworthy and skilled real estate experts becomes more vital. This article presents a definitive list of the Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, spotlighting the individuals with unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and a proven track record navigating the competitive Texan property market.

With its diverse cities, thriving economy, and coveted housing market, Texas presents unique challenges and opportunities for real estate professionals. From the vibrant streets of Austin to the sprawling metropolis of Houston and the charming neighborhoods of Dallas, these experts have demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt and excel in their respective regions. Whether their clients are seeking a cozy suburban home or a high-rise condo in the heart of the city, these individuals have consistently gone above and beyond to meet their client’s needs, earning them a well-deserved reputation as the most sought-after experts in the field.

Each agent on this exclusive list possesses an in-depth understanding of the dynamic Texas real estate market, enabling them to provide invaluable guidance and secure deals for their clients with finesse. So, join us as we take a closer look at the top real estate agents in Texas, uncovering the secrets behind their exceptional performance and how they continue to shape the future of the Lone Star State’s property market.

1. Ben Baker

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Ben Baker

Ben Baker is a highly experienced real estate expert and the CEO of the Ben Baker Team at KW Dallas Preston in Texas. His impressive career began in 1989, and he has been serving clients looking to buy, sell, build, or lease residential properties ever since. More than 90% of his annual business comes from repeat clients or referrals, a testament to the trust and satisfaction he instills in those he serves.

Though a top producer at Keller Williams, Ben’s expertise extends beyond being an agent. He has served on the Agent Leadership Council and the Recruiting Committee and has taught classes for fellow agents. His previous co-ownership experiences in real estate offices further enhance his knowledge, enabling him to cater to a diverse client base across multiple regions.

Having graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree in real estate from Baylor University, Ben possesses an advantage over other agents. He is involved in community activities, remains active in his alma mater, and volunteers as a basketball coach.

Ben’s philosophy revolves around putting clients first and ensuring open communication throughout the deal. For him, the measure of success lies in the satisfaction of his clients rather than accolades or achievements.

2. Jason H. Cryer

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Jason Cryer

Meet Jason H. Cryer, a Realtor, Director of Education, and Talent Recruiter at Monument Realty in Texas. With a genuine passion for seeing his clients succeed in the real estate industry, Jason goes above and beyond to provide excellent service, professionalism, integrity, and contribution. For him, real estate is not just a one-time transaction; it’s a journey in self-betterment.

As an educator, Jason helps his clients understand their wants and needs in real estate, guiding them through the process with informed decisions. He identifies market trends for fellow agents and equips them with the right education and mindset to excel in their careers. Meanwhile, Jason has achieved significant recognition within Monument Realty, including leading the education department and receiving the Monument Culture and Community Outreach awards for his outstanding contributions.

Jason’s mission is to help clients find a home that reflects their personality and style while providing stability and security. He aspires to inspire and empower clients to achieve their goals and create a life they love in a space of their own.

3. Sheila Goff

Sheila Goff

Sheila Goff, a distinguished Real Estate Agent at The LifeStyle Realty Group – Sheila Goff Properties in Texas, boasts an impressive 15-year track record as a Texas realtor. Her profound expertise shines in various real estate facets, cementing her long-standing reputation in the industry.

With extensive experience, Sheila excels as both a buyer’s agent and a listing agent. Her proficiency extends to relocation services and new construction, catering to diverse client needs. Sheila Goff Properties, her creation, stands as a beacon of comprehensive real estate solutions, catering to buyers, sellers, renters, and investors alike.

Rooted in a commitment to excellence, achieving their client’s goals motivates Sheila’s team of seasoned professionals. The impact of their service reverberates positively through both individual outcomes and community enhancement. From new construction ventures to resales and foreclosures, Sheila and her team masterfully navigate the spectrum of real estate offerings. Their standing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area results from seasoned proficiency and a customer-centric ethos.

4. J.J. Chapa

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, J.J. Chapa

The esteemed Broker and Owner of J.J. Chapa Team at Liberty Realty Advisors in Texas is a real estate expert with a remarkable track record. Holding vast knowledge and experience across various domains, including land development, engineering, surveying, property evaluation, and general contracting, J.J. Chapa possesses a deep comprehension of the industry.

His company’s uniqueness shines through as it ranks among the top 1% of all realtors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since 2009, J.J. Chapa has consistently been the top agent in closed volume at his brokerage, showcasing his exceptional skills and accomplishments.

J.J. Chapa and his team are proud to have built and grown a highly successful real estate brokerage. Its dedication to clients is evident as the agents advise buyers, sellers, and investors, leading them through seamless searches, sales, or leases.

Perfect five-star reviews over the last 20+ years back up the team’s stellar reputation, and they are highly awarded and regarded among past clients, peers, and vendors. J.J. Chapa Real Estate Team at Liberty Realty has the proven expertise and exceptional service for a powerhouse real estate experience in Dallas-Fort Worth.

5. Eddie Washington

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Eddie Washington

Eddie Washington, a luminary in the real estate domain, is the esteemed Broker and Owner of DFW Executive Realty in Texas. With an impressive 26-year tenure in the industry, Washington boasts a comprehensive understanding of the overwhelming majority of real estate areas. His unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with the company’s exceptional service delivery, distinguishes DFW Executive Realty in the industry.

A testament to Washington’s expertise is his enduring prosperity, weathering the storms and celebrating the victories that the real estate sector presents. His accomplishments extend to his role as a mentor, personally nurturing his agents to impart the strategies that were decisive in his journey. Furthermore, Washington lends an empathetic ear to his clients’ aspirations, leading to tailored real estate solutions.

Beyond his real estate prowess, Washington’s football background lays the groundwork for his professional endeavors. Inducted into the Tarleton Football Hall of Fame in 2014 as an All-American defensive end, his team-oriented spirit fuels his client advocacy. Eddie Washington has triumphed in gridiron, earned a Bachelor’s Degree, and now succeeds in real estate, rendering him an unparalleled force in the industry.

6. Diana M. Perez

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Diana Perez

Diana M. Perez, a dedicated Realtor at ClearView Realty in Texas, stands out as a beacon of expertise and client-oriented service in the real estate industry. With a commitment to helping clients achieve their real estate aspirations, Diana embodies attentive listening, hard work, honesty, determination, and tenacity. Her extensive market knowledge makes her a trusted advisor for clients seeking guidance.

ClearView Realty, where Diana is based, is a locally owned agency that has flourished from a small group of passionate agents into a dynamic team of over 200 professionals. Recognized for excellence, ClearView has secured the title of El Paso’s #1 Real Estate Agency and earned distinction as a Real Trends 500 Brokerage in the US.

Diana tailors a plan for her client’s success, focusing on active involvement and adaptable strategies. Encouraging innovation and embracing unconventional options, she ensures her clients explore all avenues to reach their goals. The realtor’s journey from a shy individual to a proactive force mirrors her dedication to helping others surpass their limits. In an unassuming manner, Diana empowers people to accomplish what they once deemed impossible.

7. Noé De Leon

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Noé De Leon

Noé De Leon, the visionary Founder of Identity House Real Estate in Texas, epitomizes luxury real estate expertise. He is renowned as a passionate professional with exceptional communication skills, and a commitment to serving the community with honor and courage characterizes his journey to date. His mission transcends traditional norms, placing lifestyle at the forefront of the real estate experience.

Identity House Real Estate aligns clients’ homes with their unique lifestyles. De Leon understands that a home expresses a person’s story and represents a collection of experiences that reflect what they love. Due to his inimitable dedication to creating memorable experiences, eXp Realty’s Luxury Division named De Leon one of ten Luxury Ambassadors—a pioneering innovative program for an evolving market.

De Leon’s background extends beyond real estate, encompassing iconic modern homes, brand management for global luxury brands, and service in the US Marine Corps. With over three decades of experience, he also brings wealth-building strategies to diversify real estate portfolios. As President of Luxury Collective DFW, De Leon fosters knowledge and networks, solidifying his impact on North Texas’ dynamic economy.

8. Matt Wandersee

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Matt Wandersee

Matt Wandersee is a seasoned Realtor and the dedicated Team Lead at The Brooks Team in Texas. With a deep-rooted belief that real estate transactions are transformative life events, Matt and his team of professionals are committed to delivering unparalleled, personalized service to every client. Drawing from extensive expertise, Matt understands that buyers and sellers require a reliable guide to navigate the complexities of the real estate landscape.

Formerly a teacher, Matt has sustained his commitment to education as he empowers clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions. His profound understanding of the industry and perpetual motivation to satisfy his clients set him apart. Matt’s mission centers on prioritizing his client’s needs and maintaining open communication to ensure a sure-footed buying or selling process.

Aiming to provide innovative solutions, even in challenging scenarios, Matt views each transaction as a stepping stone in his lifelong commitment to his clients. The Team Lead is a rocksteady source of insight and support, bridging the gap between dreams and reality in the real estate universe.

9. Karen Martin

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, karen martin

Karen Martin, the esteemed Realtor at DFW KTeam with Attorney/Broker Services in Texas, is passionate about helping people achieve their real estate goals. Dedicated to guiding clients through the entire process, Karen provides a smooth and informed experience from start to closing.

Karen is committed to communication and education, differentiating her from the pack. Recognizing that many consumers need the knowledge to navigate complex real estate documents, Karen and her team prioritize keeping clients informed and engaged at every step.

A testament to their exceptional service, Karen considers her biggest accomplishment the unwavering trust of her clients, who regularly refer their friends and family. While the brokerage’s accolades are appreciated, client respect and satisfaction matter the most to Karen.

She also believes that knowledge is central to progressing a deal. By conducting informal chats with clients before starting the process, she ensures a thorough understanding of their goals, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

For seasoned investors or families looking for the perfect home, Karen Martin’s real estate expertise and dedication ensure a successful property journey.

10. Amit Sachdev

Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas, Amit Sachdev

Amit Sachdev is the Founder and Owner of Sunshine Realtors, a Texas-based real estate company with a mission to impact investors and underserved communities positively. Amit acts as a Real Estate Investment Advisor and Broker who strives to create valuable client opportunities.

Its focus on investing in residential real estate, particularly public housing, distinguishes Sunshine Realtors from others in the industry. This innovative business model generates steady cash flows, secured against market fluctuations, with direct payouts from the US Government. Simultaneously, it addresses the housing needs of thousands of low-income families by providing safe and sanitary accommodation in well-established neighborhoods.

Amit has helped numerous investors build public housing-backed residential portfolios, including a privately held company that now manages over 350 homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The feat was initiated and supported by Amit, who played a crucial role in acquiring and operationalizing nearly 50% of the business’ assets.

Sunshine Realtors also boasts a team of seasoned and experienced realtors who excel in diverse real estate services, including property management. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has built a network of reliable vendors and contractors, enabling clients to make the most of their real estate acquisitions and management.


The real estate landscape in Texas is undeniably vibrant and ever-changing, and staying ahead in this competitive market requires a deep understanding of trends, regulations, and innovative strategies. The Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas for 2023 have not only demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in the field, but they have also showcased an unwavering commitment to helping both buyers and sellers navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions.

From Houston to Austin, Dallas to San Antonio, these experts have proven themselves as invaluable assets, offering insights that can make all the difference in achieving successful outcomes. Whether it’s their profound grasp of market fluctuations, their adept negotiation skills, or their ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities, each of these professionals has carved out a niche for themselves in the vast expanse of the Texan real estate landscape.

In an era where real estate transactions are more intricate than ever, having a trusted advisor by your side can make all the difference. The Top 10 Real Estate Experts in Texas bring not only their local expertise but also a passion for helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. As you embark on your own real estate journey, consider reaching out to one of these exceptional professionals to ensure a smooth and prosperous experience in the dynamic Texan market.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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