The Top 10 Female Real Estate Agents in Arizona for 2023

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 1, 2023

As the real estate market in Arizona thrives, it’s essential to highlight the leading female professionals making waves in the industry. In this article, we proudly showcase Arizona’s top 10 female real estate agents whose expertise and achievements have earned them a prominent place in the state’s real estate landscape.

These remarkable agents possess an in-depth understanding of the Arizona market, allowing them to cater to various needs, from luxury estates to residential properties. Their exceptional negotiation skills, market knowledge, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction have established them as trusted advisors in the realm of Arizona real estate.

Whether assisting first-time homebuyers or serving high-profile clients, these women deliver unparalleled service and professionalism. Their diverse skill sets, neighborhood specialization, and extensive experience contribute to their success and client satisfaction.

1. Jasmine Jenkins Downing

Jasmine Jenkins Downing

Jasmine Jenkins Downing, a Licensed real estate agent/Realtor at EXP Realty, has quickly risen to the top of the Phoenix real estate market in just three years. Her expertise and exceptional negotiation skills make her one of the most sought-after agents in the area. 

Jasmine’s personalized approach ensures that every client receives tailored service, whether buying or selling a property. As part of eXp Realty, a cloud-based brokerage, she has access to a global network of agents, facilitating smooth relocations even across borders.

Jasmine’s noteworthy accomplishment includes being recognized as a Top 50 Agent in Phoenix for 2023, as featured in PHOENIX magazine.

To assist clients in achieving their next steps, Jasmine attentively listens to their goals, provides necessary education, and develops personalized step-by-step plans. With her motto, “Make your next move your best move,” she empowers clients to excel in real estate and beyond.

Jasmine Downing’s real estate expertise, dedication to personalized service, and industry recognition position her as a trusted professional in Arizona. Clients can confidently rely on her guidance to navigate the real estate market and achieve their goals.

2. Lauren Wendt

Lauren Wendt

Lauren Wendt, the Designated Broker, and CEO at W and Partners, is a standout figure in Arizona’s real estate landscape.

With a focus on community service, Lauren has received accolades and nominations, including multiple “40 under 40” recognitions. Her dedication to helping families and investors purchase real estate sets her apart as a driven agent.

W and Partners is committed to delivering a luxury service that exceeds expectations. Through their innovative systems and community-oriented approach, they create an exceptional client experience.

In just one year, Lauren’s company achieved impressive milestones, establishing three offices and attracting 50 agents solely through word-of-mouth referrals and steady growth.

Lauren’s expertise goes beyond individual transactions. She empowers clients to become successful investors, building generational wealth. Her comprehensive training programs help agents establish strong referral businesses.

Lauren and her team at W and Partners are on a mission to redefine the perception of real estate agents. They strive to demonstrate their value and become trusted partners within the community.

3. Nina Scoffone

Nina Scoffone

Nina Scoffone, a Realtor at North & Co. in Arizona, brings a wealth of real estate expertise to her clients in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. What sets Nina apart from other real estate agents is her genuine passion for the industry and her unwavering commitment to her client’s best interests.

With a focus on open communication and understanding her client’s specific wants and needs, Nina ensures that she is always available to guide them through the often stressful process of buying or selling a home. Her patience and attention to detail allow her to truly listen to her clients and adapt to their changing preferences, ensuring they feel confident in their decisions.

Nina’s dedication goes beyond the transaction itself. She is committed to building lifelong relationships with her clients and providing exceptional service even after the deal is done. Her honest and straightforward approach and her deep knowledge of the market allow her to find the maximum potential in each home and guide her clients toward the right move.

For those seeking a trusted and reliable real estate agent in Arizona, Nina Scoffone stands out as a professional who is genuinely invested in her client’s success and satisfaction.

4. Samantha Sloan

Samantha Sloan

Samantha Sloan, Owner of Your AZ Agent and Real Estate Agent at eXp Realty, is transforming the industry with her unique approach and unwavering commitment to exceptional service. 

A Phoenix native, Samantha’s lifelong connection to the city fuels her passion for real estate. With a focus on clear communication, honesty, and delivering an unmatched experience, she aims to redefine the role of a real estate professional.

Samantha’s impressive accolades include being recognized as a Top New Agent and Top Social Media Agent at Tru Realty and earning a spot among the 30 Under 30 Agents to Watch and the Top 30 New Agents in Arizona at eXp Realty.

Her personal journey in overcoming challenges during her own home-buying experience fuels her drive to help others navigate the process with ease. With a strong dedication to client satisfaction and a love for Phoenix, Samantha Sloan is the ideal choice for those seeking a trusted and passionate real estate agent.

5. Sharon Siorek

Sharon Siorek

Sharon Siorek, a highly skilled Real Estate Agent at PHX Desert Dwellings – My Home Group, brings a wealth of expertise to the Arizona market. As a native of Phoenix, Sharon has an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate landscape, allowing her to guide buyers toward unique, budget-friendly, and historically significant homes while assisting sellers in effectively marketing their properties to the right audience. 

Sharon’s exceptional real estate understanding is emphasized by her co-founding role at PHX Desert Dwellings, a team deeply rooted in the communities they serve. 

Committed to hard work and transparent communication, Sharon and her team simplify the complex real estate process, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. Drawing on her legal background, Sharon’s proficiency in contracts, property law, and negotiation further strengthens her ability to advocate for her client’s best interests. Certified as a real estate negotiator (CREN) and an active member of the Women’s Council of Realtors, Sharon’s dedication to her craft is noticeable.

With a client-centric approach, Sharon tailors her services to meet individual goals, offering honest guidance and leveraging her extensive network to provide comprehensive support. Sharon Siorek’s unrivaled real estate expertise positions her as a trusted advisor for anyone seeking success in Arizona’s dynamic market.

6. Martha Andrews

Martha Andrews

Martha Andrews, a Luxury Agent at Keller Williams AZ Realty, stands out as one of Arizona’s top real estate agents, prioritizing her client’s best interests above all else.

With her motto, “The Best interest of the client is the ONLY interest to be considered,” Martha approaches every aspect of her work with unwavering dedication. Whether assisting clients in finding their ideal homes or supporting her team members in growing their businesses, Martha’s focus is always on serving others.

What sets Martha apart is her genuine passion for helping people. She takes pride in personally attending every show, maintaining direct communication with clients, and offering a wide range of services to simplify their lives. Beyond the transaction, Martha fosters long-lasting connections, ensuring her clients feel valued and supported.

Martha’s greatest achievement lies in assembling a team of like-minded professionals who share her passion and commitment. She finds fulfillment in making a positive impact on both clients and team members.

Driven by the belief that passion is the key to success, Martha guides others in finding solutions, creating plans, and remaining accountable. Her collaborative approach cultivates an environment of growth and mutual support.

7. Barb Hildenbrand

Barb Hildebrand

Barb Hildenbrand, a Realtor® at Tucson Real Estate Gal licensed at Tierra Antigua Realty, stands out in the real estate industry with over 30 years of experience and a genuine commitment to her clients. As a Tucson semi-native, Barb’s deep roots in the community and her role as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother give her a unique perspective and understanding of her clients’ needs.

Barb’s extensive background as a Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser adds a valuable dimension to her expertise. With a solid foundation in appraisal, she brings a keen eye for negotiation and a comprehensive understanding of the market. From land to luxury homes, Barb’s knowledge spans all aspects of residential real estate, ensuring a smooth and informed process for her clients.

What sets Barb apart is not just her experience but also her heartfelt approach. She genuinely cares about her clients and strives to bring joy and happiness to their real estate journey. With a focus on education and eliminating stressors, Barb ensures that each transaction is a pleasant experience, regardless of the price point.

Whether assisting with a modest investment or a high-end property, Barb’s unwavering dedication and empathetic nature make her a trusted ally in helping clients achieve their goals.

8. Joan Levinson

Joan Levinson

Joan Levinson, Arizona’s premier luxury real estate expert, holds the esteemed title of the number one realtor in the state. Recognized as one of “America’s Best Realtors” by Newsweek in 2020, Joan’s expertise and success are unparalleled.

With over $2 billion in career sales and a median sale price of around $5 million, she specializes in the most prestigious properties in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Arcadia.

Joan has surpassed all other agents in transactions over $10 million, $12 million, and $15 million, even outperforming the top four agents combined. Her discerning clientele, including CEOs, Fortune 500 company owners, professional athletes, and celebrities, rely on her honesty, expertise, and discretion.

Beyond her impressive sales record, Joan’s commitment to the industry is evident through her speaking engagements and service on the Board of Trustees of the Paradise Valley Mountain Preserve Trust. With passion, leadership, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Joan ensures remarkable results and an exceptional real estate experience for her clients.

9. Libby Cohen

Libby Cohen

Libby Cohen is a highly regarded real estate agent in Arizona, known for her exceptional expertise and accomplishments in the industry. With over 15 years of experience, she has solidified her position as a top performer and a trusted advisor to clients across the state.

Libby’s success in real estate stems from her deep understanding of the market and her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. She has represented a diverse clientele, including professional athletes, celebrities, Fortune 500 company CEOs, and first-time homebuyers. Her ability to cater to the unique needs of each client has earned her a stellar reputation.

Consistently ranking in the top 1% of Arizona realtors, Libby’s track record of success speaks for itself. She is a trusted partner who combines her industry knowledge, negotiation skills, and dedication to providing exceptional service to deliver outstanding results.

10. Holly Henbest

Holly Henbest

Holly Henbest is a highly accomplished and esteemed real estate agent renowned for her exceptional expertise in the industry. With over a decade of experience, Holly has established herself as a trusted professional, consistently delivering outstanding results for her clients.

Prior to her successful career in real estate, Holly honed her skills in sales and marketing, providing her with a solid foundation for understanding client needs and effective negotiation strategies. As a long-time resident of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, Holly possesses an extensive knowledge of the local market and community, enabling her to provide valuable insights to her clients.

Holly’s commitment to excellence and her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction have earned her recognition and accolades within the industry. Her expertise extends beyond real estate, as she is also a published author and a respected media presence, contributing her insights to real estate stories and trending topics.

In conclusion, these top 10 female real estate agents in Arizona for 2023 have proven their expertise, dedication, and outstanding customer service in the industry. With their deep knowledge of the local market, they excel in handling diverse portfolios and catering to clients’ unique needs. Their achievements highlight the strides toward gender equality in the real estate field.

Their continued success will undoubtedly make them the go-to professionals for all your real estate needs in Arizona.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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