Apple+ Will Release a Tom Hanks Movie as One of Their First Major Films

Published on May 19, 2020

The American treasure known as Tom Hanks has a movie coming to Apple+. Hanks wrote and stars in a World War II thriller, Greyhound, that was originally scheduled to come out this month. Due to the coronavirus, Sony has sold the movie to Apple+ for a massive sum of cash. Tha Hanks-led drama will still come out this summer now, thanks to Apple.

The Massive Deal

Sony was quietly shopping around the drama recently in light of the virus. The studio originally pushed the drama to Father’s Day in June, but it’s unlikely theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and other major markets will reopen by then. As a result, Sony sold Greyhound to Apple for somewhere around $70 million. 

How is Apple+?

So far, Apple+ has yet to prove itself as a serious player in the streaming game. The Morning Show and The Beastie Boys Doc are both very good, but for the most part, Apple+ hasn’t released any content that’s set the Internet on fire like Netflix or Amazon. Perhaps with Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, Apple+ will step up its game. They’re already working on movies with the likes of Sofia Coppola and Will Ferrell

Of course, we all love Tom Hanks. Who doesn’t want to watch a new Hanks pic from the comfort of their own home? We do, but Greyhound looks like a movie that would’ve played best in a theater, not from home. With the booming sound and tense atmosphere teased in the trailer, Greyhound came across as a movie made to be watched at the local theater, not on Apple+. No word on when the streaming service will release the movie, but within the next month or so is expected. 

What’s Up With Tom Hanks?

Hanks, both one of the most lovable actors to live and father to Chet Hanks, was one of the first high-profile celebrities to announce they had coronavirus. During a very uncertain and scary time, Hanks was a voice of reason when there was confusion and misinformation running rampant. Once again, Tom Hanks played the role of America’s dad by simply doing the right thing and keeping people informed. He shared the facts, and he followed protocols. Hanks led by example. He was there for others when he got COVID-19. 

The Elvis Biopic

Soon enough, Hanks may return to filming in Australia, where he contracted the coronavirus. The actor was days away from filming the Baz Luhrmann-directed Elvis Presley biopic, which then halted production. There’s still no word when exactly Luhrmann and Hanks will resume production on the biopic, but already, some countries are allowing productions to resume shooting under new safety conditions. Even in Los Angeles, certain production companies are getting ready to shoot movies this summer. Perhaps they’re getting ahead of themselves, but we shall see. 

We know one thing, we can’t wait to see how Hanks plays Colonel Parker, Elvis’ famous manager. Hanks usually plays noble characters, but Colonel Parker is no American hero. He’s a slick and slippery character, a bit of a huckster with a prize stallion. 

Greyhound Official Synopsis 

In the early days of WWII, an international convoy of 37 Allied ships, led by captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) in his first command of a U.S. destroyer, crosses the treacherous North Atlantic while hotly pursued by wolf packs of Nazi U-boats.

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