Tiny Organics was born out of the simple idea that parents everywhere deserve to be able to get ready-made organic and sustainable baby food that’s not packed with sugar or preservatives.

For a long time, the options have been, either buy what the supermarket is offering (which isn’t always the most nutritious) or take the time to cook and make your own purees. The second isn’t really an option for most people. We’re a generation of eating out, and being able to have access to the right baby food is pretty much vital.

That’s where Tiny Organics comes in. They’re a subscription service that provides healthy, natural foods for children 6 months and up (or ready to eat solid food). As your child tries new foods and textures, you can customize the recipes and choose from entrees they like. They currently ship to 22 states (check if yours is on the list here)  – including New York and most of the northeast. Shipments take two days to arrive and are transported using non-toxic recycled materials and are temperature controlled to maintain quality. You can even freeze meals for up to three months to maintain freshness and integrity.

Tiny Organics is a team on a mission. They state: “We at Tiny Organics believe that food is medicine…Our organic, nutrient-rich meals were created with your little one in mind. We’re here to help them foster a lifelong positive and healthy relationship with food and create a willingness to try new things. Tiny Organics is food that’s better for your baby and easier for you.” With a mission like that, what parents wouldn’t want to try this awesome service?

Most parents know it’s not easy getting a toddler to eat or try new things. Tiny Organics uses a variety of foods and ingredients to introduce different flavors and textures at a young age, which is the building block of a healthy diet later on in life. By teaching children to eat right from the start, to enjoy new things, they’ll end up being less picky as they grow.

Plus, the ability to eat finger foods helps a baby’s development by encouraging them to self-feed and helping them develop dexterity and chewing skills.

All the food is made without using the most common allergens, accommodating almost every diet type. Plus, the team makes sure that all their recipes are rich in the nutrients babies need most: iron, vitamin C, zinc, fat, and antioxidants. They are also full of the calories children need, rounding out their diets to ensure they’re getting everything they need from their diets.

Like every subscription service, it’s super easy to use. Sign up, customize, choose your meals, and wait for them to arrive. Using a simple app to make parents’ lives easier, Tiny Organics is the future of baby food.