Tinder’s new feature will get you excited for spring break

Published on February 26, 2019

Spring break promises to be wilder as Tinder launches a new feature for its college demography.

The popular dating app launched Tinder U in August 2018 to connect students with each other. Just today, it announced that they are launching a “Spring Break mode” feature.

The new feature follows a similar set-up as the traditional one but with a twist. Students are able to show their school colors, swipe on classmates, and make matches within the campus.  Inter-school matches are also possible with Tinder U.

“Spring Break mode” is available to Tinder U users. College students can swipe through potential matches before heading out to their destination.

Spring breakers

Tinder has embraced its fate as a preferred hook-up app for millennials. Through this new feature, the company somehow gives up on their initial purpose of bridging long-term relationships.

Spring Break mode will officially launch on March 4 and will run all the way til the end of the month. Tinder offers 20 popular destinations, including Cabo, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta, San Diego and others.

Tinder U users will need to look for the Spring Break card to opt in. They need to see a spring break card before selecting a destination and see who’s going.

Potential matches can see the destination through a badge on their profiles.

Due to public demand

Tinder came up with the idea of a spring break feature based on its usage. Trends show a high usage rate of the app in some cities and locations during March.

South Padre Island, Panama City, Destin Beach, Cabo San Lucas, and Lake Havasu all experienced an increase in Tinder activity in March 2018. Tinder consulted its Tinder U users on their preferred destinations.

“We’ve historically seen huge upticks in Tinder usage during Spring Break in these destinations, and we are excited to give users the unique experience to connect before they pack their bags,” said Tinder Chief Marketing Officer Jenny Campbell.

“Spring Break, like Tinder, is a staple for many college students across the country.” – Jenny Campbell, Tinder’s CMO.

Embracing its fate

Tinder has doubled down on its nature as of late. What used to be a dating app has now been a staple for younger users who would rather mingle.

The company told its investors that it would begin marketing the app as a way to enjoy the being single. They told their investors about this during their Q3 earnings.

It also began an online publication called Swipe Life, which are a collection of blogs catering to the “single lifestyle.”

For years, Tinder made an effort to be branded as a “hook up” app.  It tried to downplay the app’s more casual nature until its acquisition of dating app Hinge.

The acquisition of Hinge allows the company to have an avenue for its initial purpose. Tinder can now be run the way it has become, which is a place for quick matches.

Tinder parent Match Group had hinted at its plans for Tinder U, during its earnings call earlier this month.

Changes in 2019

Tinder plans to solidify its collegiate market this 2019 according to Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg. “Expect to see more events and marketing tied to the school social calendar such as Rivalry Week and Spring Break,” Ginsberg noted.

Tinder U looks to expand its marketing through on-campus ambassadors and social media influencers. Revenue might be a challenge though as college students are less likely to have disposable incomes for in-app purchases.

The company plans to roll out a wider range of a la carte features, as well as focus on the “singles only” aspect of its service this 2019.

Jaime Aldecoa is a staff writer at Grit Daily. He is an avid traveler, YouTube vlogger, and podcast host. He holds a degree in Mass Communication.

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