Crowd Boos as Blogger Throws First Pitch at LA Dodgers Game

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 4, 2018

Do you know what a bad day at the office looks like? For one blogger, it was throwing an embarrassing first pitch in front of thousands of people at a recent LA Dodgers game.

Blogger and infamous Instagram personality Timothy Sykes was in Los Angeles recently to do what would be a bucket-list item for many baseball fans. In honor of the launch of his new charity community, Karmagawa, he was invited to throw out the first pitch at the LA Dodgers/Seattle Mariners game. But what happened next might have squandered any ambitions Sykes may have had to join the big leagues.

As the announcement of his name echoed through the stadium and he appeared on the jumbotron, Timothy paraded onto the field with his usual bravado and attempted to do a selfie video for his one million Instagram followers while he threw out the first ball of the game. Perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to do while throwing a baseball, which is what he soon learned.

What hilariously followed was perhaps the only pitch of its kind in MLB history. Timothy’s pitch didn’t quite hit the intended target. It sailed far over the head of the catcher. Not exactly a perfect strike. Timothy at least for his part found humor in his fail, but many of the spectators did not.

He was unceremoniously booed from the field by fans as seen here:

Here was my #firstpitch last night at the #losangelesdodgers game wherd I tried taking a #selfie video as I threw which judging from the crowd’s boos was probably not the best idea! I’ll post the whole experience on my IGTV this weekend, it’s a great lesson never to get too cocky as you’ll see I was #crushingit in my warmup throws, but still an awesome time and a boyhood dream come true and I have to thank the @karmagawa team for making me a badass custom jersey to commemorate this moment and my family for flying out for this too! #dreambig #familyfirst #milestone #dreamscometrue #majorleaguebaseball #dodgers #whatanight #ilovebaseball #baseballlife #majorleague #dodgersstadium #karmagawa #allblackeverything #jewballer

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Tough crowd. As least it was an experience that he likely will never forget.

Many know Timothy Sykes as the controversial, outspoken reality TV stock trader whom the media dubbed the “Wolf of Instagram”. He became a social media sensation thanks to the over-the-top photos he posts traveling the world, flying on private planes and racing his exotic cars.

Such as this…

But most recently he has portrayed himself as turning a new leaf in life when he created a non-profit foundation which he funded with $4M of his own money. He’s now building an entire online community of philanthropy around that project, which he named Karmagawa. Timothy has pledged to build 1,000 new schools over his lifetime as part of his philanthropic message and so far has come through on more than 40 of those schools in the last 3 years. Most of his schools are located in Asia, Africa and Central America.

Here he broke ground on his 41st school for charity…

The past few days have been so incredible as the @karmagawa team has visited several schools in various stages of completion, including breaking ground on our 41st school! When I first began my #charity I thought I could do a little good, but thanks to my addictive personality now I see that I must take it up a notch and really go all in…that’s why my former goal of 1,000 schools is no more, today I’m committing to building 2,000 schools all over the world as nothing gives me greater pleasure and as I always preach, it’s good to #dreambig and #workhard so when my 40th school opened I thought I was 4% of the way to my goal…with this new goal, we’re just 2% of the way there so it’s time to really #pushmyself and see what @karmagawa can accomplish! #charitywork #makenosmallplans #karmagawa #letsdothis #pencilsofpromise #newschool #givingbacktothecommunity #education #hebrewschool

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Tim’s philanthropy has also benefited a number of other causes such as saving endangered rhinos in Africa:

My charity @karmagawa just donated $25,000 to save this last #rhino from a reserve that once had 100 #rhinos a few years ago and 50+ were poached and killed there all in the past year, including his pregnant mate and their unborn baby rhino! Now this beautiful 3 ton animal will be safe at the @vetpaw reserve and create new baby rhinos to help their population grow…and in the true @karmagawa fashion, I gifted this beauty to the awesome twins @elisha__h and @reneeherbert_ for an early birthday present as they came with my team and I to #southafrica just a few weeks ago so now they must give him a name…please like, tag some friends and share these photos to help spread the important work that @vetpaw does and leave a comment with some name suggestions too! Best name idea wins $100 cash from me 🙂 #ilovemyjob #vetpaw #rhinolove #karmagawa #protectandserve #tia #southafrica #charity #givingback #jewnoceros

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Despite all the flak he takes for his outlandish lifestyle and spending habits, we salute the charity work Timothy is doing to further education around the world. But given his performance at the LA Dodgers game, we also hope he keeps his day job. Better luck next season, Tim! If they invite you back…

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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