Three Ways Passion Can Generate Growth for Your Business

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Published on May 4, 2022

For many, business and passion stay separate. The reality of growth is that entrepreneurs may put an immeasurable amount of time into their professional life at the expense of taking gratification from day-to-day work. Alternatively, some keep passion purely for their personal lives, with their profession serving purely as a money-maker to fuel their spare time.

But for the most successful business people, staying passionate is a staple of their everyday activity. It forms the basis of growth patterns that exceed their contemporaries. Dr. Wajiha Basir, a dental professional for 15 years and an experienced trainer, has shared how you can implement passion into your ventures with enlightening results:

Share passion between your professional and personal life

People with distinct private and public lives may often feel the need to position their level of interest firmly on one side. However, this approach could cause an imbalance that is unhealthy and unsustainable. 

Rather than being forced into a choice of one or the other, you can aim to be passionate about your life’s personal and professional aspects by considering expanding your business and looking into different franchise opportunities. “You don’t need to separate what goes on at home and work if you love both,” Dr. Basir said. 

If passion is abundant, you can treat both facets of life as mutually beneficial, resulting in enlightenment and prosperity.

Mentor the next generation

Tutelage or mentorship is commonly done in the twilight of your career, once your individual goals have been achieved. But some of the best teachers see tutoring as an opportunity for personal growth and for maintaining a passion for your profession. Teaching can be seen as conducive to self-fulfillment rather than its result.

The benefits of mentoring the next generation are threefold. “Becoming a trainer allows you to refine your skills while passing them on to new people,” Dr. Basir explained. “It also pushes you to be your best at all times as you have to set the standard for those you are teaching. Finally, it provides you with an opportunity to explore new things, which helps you grow and learn more about your field.”

These three advantages have the collective benefit of inciting a refreshed passion in your activity. One of Dr. Basir’s most notable aims is to inspire and guide fellow working mothers into realizing their potential in the thing they are passionate about. The desire to convince others in her position to follow their dreams is something that keeps Dr. Basir coming back to dentistry.

Get invested in your client experience

For some, the service to their clients begins and ends with the work they are obliged to complete. The problem this creates for passion is that the professional is no longer invested in their clients on a personal level and becomes isolated from the complete experience they are manifesting.

Putting up barriers between you and your clients may seem advantageous for efficiency, but it could come at the expense of your business’ appeal. Like the sharing of passion across your personal and professional lives, connection with clients should not be something you shy away from. Instead, escaping the stringencies of your job role can create an individualized appeal for each of your clients.

“Connect with your client first, and everything else should fall into place,” Dr. Basir said. In service-led industries, businesses can separate themselves by paying attention to their client experience as a whole. If standards rise and competition intensifies, you can set yourself apart through your passion.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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