Three Easy to Follow Cooking Shows to Spice Up Your Kitchen While in Quarantine

Published on June 3, 2020

I swear I’ve been glued to the tv and have watched more shows than I can count. Shows and movies that I wouldn’t usually watch, you can now add them on the list of things “that I can believe I just watched,” but I guess it is what is it right? Trying to occupy my time and split my time between different things is going to include those random shows that I did watch.

One thing for sure is that the main thing that I have been watching is a lot of cooking shows. I do love to cook and always trying to come up with new ideas to try and add to my homemade cooking book as I call it. I can’t eat much, which isn’t a problem for me, so I find myself cooking up something that I had just seen on tv before.

Now I love some cooking competitions, but lately, I’ve been watching more food shows that go in-depth of what they are cooking and also something that I can easily follow along. Please don’t get me wrong—a good cooking competition is something that I can keep my eyes away from and has me on edge the whole time, but lately, I’ve been in my chef mode where I want to cook everything.

So, if lately, you have been in the mood to cook and be your chef, here are some cooking shows that are entertaining and can also help you whip up a creative meal for tonight’s dinner.

Make This Tonight 

The title ties everything up perfectly. This is a cooking segment that I found on Hulu, and I love it. To me, it’s easy to follow, and I feel like they have a variety of foods they cook as well as difficulties too. Trust and believe this will have your kitchen smelling absolutely delicious, and you are wondering if you should have ever considered being a chef on the side.

Barefoot Contessa 

I was watching this the other day, and oh boy, I’m pretty sure I filled my DVR with all of the show’s recordings. I watch this show on a regular, and it’s such a good show as well as easy to follow along. Once, she only made recipes that only featured tomatoes and stuff like that which you would never think of, and as someone who hates tomatoes, it made me want to make everything she was fixing.  

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

As a southern girl, this show is everything and more. Now when she cooks up some desserts, I swear I’m in food heaven. Just her aura and good cooking make it overall a good time. Let’s not forget her singing as well that ties the whole show up. She is the sweet southern queen and chef that everyone needs to see.

It may sound funny or come off as a joke while the shows are running, I’m writing. Writing down every detail I can so I can remember what to do and what not to do. As I said before, I enjoyed cooking and got that from my grandmother and mother, and since I’ve been cooped at home all the time, learning something different and adding more cooking skills to my menu seemed like an excellent way to go. The only problem is the messy kitchen and the dirty dishes afterward, but honestly, it’s all worth it, and the reward is a delicious meal.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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