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This Successful Entrepreneur is Curious and Asks What’s Your Story?

Grit Daily News had the opportunity to observe Sally Williamson, founder of Sally Williamson and Associates, on the other side of the microphone. Williamson is the author of three books, including “Storylines & Storytelling.” She’s also a renowned communication coach and host of the syndicated podcast, “What’s Your Story?”

Like a Boss podcast

Williamson shared her thoughts on today’s challenges around communication in the workforce and some of the trends. One key trend is the increasing lack of self-awareness exhibited by today’s leaders and recent graduates. Overall, there appears to be an opportunity to improve soft skills through coaching and other measures. Like most founders, she lamented over her conservative approach to entrepreneurship, saying, “I would have gone for more and stretched for more earlier on.”

Listen to her snappy insights on our Like a Boss podcast here.

“I have three tips for the next generation: 1) get comfortable speaking up; 2) make others comfortable working around you; 3) stay a little uncomfortable.”

Sally Williamson
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