This is my S.W.A.G Foundation Fundraiser to Benefit Healthy Dance Programs to Under-privileged Schools

Published on October 3, 2020

One of the most profound effects of COVID-19 has been the decline in activity among children and young adults. A survey conducted by Total Shape of 5,000+ parents on the East Coast found children in New York have gained between eight and 10 pounds during the pandemic. If you are a parent you are likely to have seen your children sat more this past summer and were outside less.

The school year has resumed, but physical education has been altered to reduce high impact activities in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. While this may be the “new normal” for now, it has been the norm for many children attending underprivileged school districts.

In an effort to help with this issue, This is my S.W.A.G. Foundation, sister to KerboomKidz, which provides dance programs to schools to address both physical and mental health, is hosting a socially distanced live Dance-A-Thon fundraising event on, Saturday, October 17th at Adventureland in Farmingdale, NY from 9:30am- 12:30pm. Donations will bring the KerboomKidz program to underprivileged school districts on Long Island, either remotely or socially distanced. Please join us for fun, safe and healthy dancing, raffle prizes, games and more. Tickets can be purchased at

During this time of COVID-19, as schools across Long Island are unable to provide after school activities and are types of physical activity offered during the class day are limited. KerboomKidz programs are a safe alternative that school districts can use remotely and via social distancing. This is my S.W.A.G. Foundation has already served 200,000 kids at more than 300 schools nationally, and is working to bring the program to the Riverhead and Wyandanch school districts this school year.

For those of you interested in helping children stay active, below are some of my top tips I share with parents while attending the dance program:

Jump start your day: 25 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups and 10 sit ups.

Read a positive message or an uplifting quote. Recall it throughout the day. Positive reinforcement is a good exercise for your mind.

Healthy Hydration- NO SODA!!! Low sugar drinks, plenty of water and eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Childhood obesity is a serious health problem in the US affecting nearly 13.7 million children and adolescents. It is essential to provide alternatives to those with fewer opportunities to overcome this compounded challenge during the pandemic. To further assist parents, educators and others, the CDC has put forth a helpful resource on how to stay active during the pandemic, which can be found at How Much Physical Activity Do Children Need.

Kershel Anthony is a contributor to Grit Daily and the founder of KerboomKidz Fitness, the non-profit This is my S.W.A.G. Foundation, Fitness Professor at Nassau Community College in Long Island, and a dance teacher and choreographer at the High School of Performance Arts in Syosset, NY. Kershel’s expertise has earned him appearances on various national television, radio and print outlets including SWEAT INC. with Jillian Michaels, TLC’s Mission Makeover, IHeartRadio’s Passion to Profit, Black Enterprise Magazine and more. He began dancing at the age of five and tributes his love of dance to being surrounded by music. He received his Fitness Certification from the ISSA International Sports Science Association, and studied music dance at Hofstra University in New York.

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