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These Are The Best Smart Water Bottles Available​ Online

Plastic water bottles can create a lot of unneeded and dangerous waste for the planet. It’s a part of why smart water bottles are, well, smart. They live up to their title. Amazon is keeping the deals coming all throughout the holiday season. We’ve been recommending products at Grit Daily, and today, we’re recommending some cheap smart water bottle options on Amazon. 

Water Glows ($59.95)

Who hasn’t ever wanted to own a water bottle that glows? Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. Jokes aside, Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle is a good bottle to have if you don’t drink enough water in the day or, somehow, simply forget. “Sensor technology tracks your water intake and syncs your progress to our free hydration tracker app via BluetoothBold NEW glow illuminates the entire bottle to remind you to drink more water, either at regular intervals or when you are behind on your daily water goal,” according to the description.

Know The Temp ($39.99)

The leak-proof AFROG Smart Water Bottle also glows to let consumers know when their body needs water. On top of that, it has a snazzy temperature display. “Touching the lid will display water temperature(Notice: this product shows temperature but not to change it), provide anti-scald for you,” reads the description. “The lid can be recharged through a wireless charging base, no need to worry about battery exhausted.”

Dancing Light ($33.99)

Most of these smart water bottles perform the same basic functions, but this smart water bottle has lights that dance. Dancing light. Worth every penny. It might be a good smart water bottle for kids, just because it has that one funny little perk. The light will dance to the music. Music on the go with a water bottle, perfect for music fans.

The Inspiring Bottle ($12.99)

This bottle comes a little cheaper. It’s simpler. There are fewer bells and whistles, but it’s a perfect bottle for the gym, yoga, or other physical activities. The bottle is scribbled with simple inspirational messages, good reminders to keep running, lifting, or pushing yourself. We could all use those little reminders throughout the day keeping ourselves and our immune systems healthy. All the bottles come in light, pleasant colors.

Crank the Music ($25.99)

It’s another bottle that glows to remind you to stay hydrated, but on top of that, it lets you blare some music. Again, another bottle that’d be nice for home workouts and play some music. According to the description, the bass is strong, too, so the sound should be better than one would expect from a water bottle. 

Stink Free ($35.99)

Too many people forget to clean their water bottles, especially after how many germs they’ve attracted in the gym, from touch, or elsewhere. The Cicike Self-cleaning Water Bottle turns any water source into purified water, can stay cold for 24 hours, or warm for 12 hours. “At a touch of a button, the magical cap neutralizes up to 99.99% of harmful, odor-causing microbiological contaminants,” reads the description. “Purify water in 180 seconds, press the cap to get purifying and self-cleans to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.”

Go Big ($15.98)

Here’s a bottle not lacking in size. It’s 128 ounces. The bottle has inspiring quotes, time marks for when to hydrate, and enough water to keep you healthy throughout the day. It’s especially good for an office environment. Less water cooler breaks. There’s something about the visual reminders that might make the day a little brighter, at the very least.

Filter Your Water ($29.99)

A Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle is very convenient. I use one and keep it full all day long. If you want to avoid wasting plastic with bottles of water, the filtered water bottle is a good option for sustainability and convenience. This particular bottle can keep water cold for 24 hours. “The filter reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and more with every sip; compatible with Brita water bottle replacement filters,” according to the description. Once you get this bottle, you won’t touch a plastic water bottle again.

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them. We only recommend products that we would buy or use ourselves, so don’t be wary of our suggestions.