The World’s #1 Resilience Coaches Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel Reveal What it Takes to Be Resilient During a Recession

By Sabrina Stocker Sabrina Stocker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 22, 2022

Business leaders, high performers, and coaches are the backbone of positive impact in the world. They tend to wake up with their goals at the front of their minds and are fully committed to guiding their tribes to success. They are constantly doing everything they can to change lives for the better. To many, these leaders seem unphased, strong, and look like they always have their lives together. It makes sense: why would anyone want to be led by someone who doesn’t embody these characteristics? 

Unfortunately, many of these leaders are often met with the challenges of carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders. Oftentimes, they are so busy as world changers and universe denters that they themselves struggle with stress, overwhelm, and mental and emotional barriers like anger, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. As the old adage goes, “the carpenter is usually the one with the leaky roof.”

Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel, also known as Stéph & Shay, call these mental and emotional barriers ‘Running Parachutes’, which create drag and resistance in life and business and hold people back from their greatness. Stéph & Shay are known as the top resilience coaches in the world. The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors have privately coached and mentored thousands of business leaders, high performers, and coaches to overcome these energy-draining obstacles and become resilient and successful. 

Life wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns for the duo. They both know firsthand what it means to be in a dark place, to feel lost, and to overcome existential problems. This is what originally inspired both of them to start studying mental toughness and emotional resilience.

“I was overweight, depressed, lost, and confused. After facing a series of events in my early 20s, the depression slump put me in a position where I stopped taking care of myself and was unhealthy. Quite honestly, I was lost – I didn’t know who I was,” Shay explains.

“One day I woke up after gaining about 35 pounds. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I decided I could BE more, that I could DO more, and that I could HAVE more in my life. After a lot of hard work, discipline, and MASSIVE ACTION, I unlocked the resilience, confidence, and happiness that was hidden all those years.

“After seeing the transformation within myself, many came to me asking how I did it. That day forward, I made it my purpose to help people become the best versions of themselves,” she adds. 

At a young age, Stéph found himself in a broken home. His biological mother left him early, and the toxic relationship between his father and stepmother caused trauma in his upbringing. Yet, regardless of his world falling apart, Stéph used mindpower strategies to not only overcome his issues, but to inspire and help others. At the young age of 16, he committed to helping other teens as a “Natural Helper” at his high school. He was trained to help others deal with issues such as depression and bullying, as well as sexual, physical, and drug abuse. From there, it was his mission to positively impact the world through mindpower. 

Master Your Mindpower

Mindpower is where mental toughness and emotional resilience converge. 

Mental toughness is about having an unwavering strength of mind. Emotional resilience is the ability to no longer be a prisoner of your negative emotions. 

The individuals with Mindpower are the most successful people in the world.  

“In order to be resilient, especially during a recession, it’s important to know why you’re here, where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and how to behave along the journey. The answers to these questions become the driving forces and fuel you need to keep you going amidst even the toughest of times,” Stéph stated.

The answers to these questions will give you a clear understanding of your 3Ps: Principles, Passion, and Purpose. Stéph & Shay emphasize the importance of knowing your 3 Ps and making sure they are aligned.

According to Stéph & Shay, when these 3Ps are aligned, leaders, high performers, and coaches are able to tune out any distractions, experience extreme focus, and significantly increase their productivity every day. This is especially important amidst a recession. They posit that the individuals who stay focused on their purpose, passion, and principles are sure to achieve their big goals, no matter what is happening in the world, including the economy.

It is also important for these leaders to discover the Running Parachutes that are holding them back. Typically these are mental and emotional barriers that are limiting them. When these are identified, the process of elimination becomes simple. Once that happens, true resilience happens, which is necessary to navigate the tumultuous times of a recession with the greatest of ease.

As Warren Buffet once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

“The leaders who have fully let go of their fears and doubts are the most likely to thrive during a recession. They’ll have the courage and confidence to leverage the recession and turn it into an opportunity to create a lot of success and wealth,” Shay affirms.

In their 8-week development program, Mindpower Breakthrough, Stéph & Shay help leaders break through their fears and doubts and build ultimate mental toughness and emotional resilience. Participants also discover the correct strategies and habits they need to maximize their potential personally and professionally, no matter the economic conditions.

“Our book was a 12-year research project, and our processes are research-backed. They are proven to help our clients increase their confidence and performance. These processes help them with their focus, resilience, and their overall success. They push them to take massive action every day toward achieving their goals and also ensure they stay consistently disciplined,” Shay said.

“Everyone was born with a mind. You weren’t born with Mindpower. Mindpower is developed. We’ll teach you how to develop it,” Stéph affirms. 

The duo’s book, Master Your Mindpower, is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, Barnes & Noble Bestseller, and an Amazon Bestseller. 

“When we wrote Master Your Mindpower, we wanted to share our knowledge about how an improved mindset can change your life,” Shay stated.

Stéph & Shay’s work has already impacted the lives of 100 million people, and the dynamic duo continues to help business leaders and high performers increase their mental strength and emotional resilience.

“Our mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by helping them increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience, commented Stéph & Shay.  

The book recently celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its release date and has now sold over 100,000 copies.

By Sabrina Stocker Sabrina Stocker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Sabrina Stocker is a Features Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, she is originally from the UK and has a storied career in the events and awards business.

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