The Uber Lost And Found Index For 2018 Is Truly Wild

Published on March 18, 2019

Uber users, are you ok?

The rideshare company announced its annual report of the items that were lost in its cars in 2018 earlier this month. It’s not unheard of to leave something like your purse or keys in the car only to realize they’re missing when it’s too late. Uber has recently rolled out new features like Uber Eats, their food delivery program, as well as other bike share and e-scooter programs in recent years. When the company first launched back in 2009, its cars were a fairly expensive luxury only the most bougie of us young, urban millennials could afford to use. Now, with over 2 million active drivers globally, Uber is more popular than your local cab company.

The List

Lets get right into it, since that’s what you’re here for. THE proverbial list, is organized into a couple of categories that go from normal—your average night out, so to speak—to downright weird. The first category, things most often left in an Uber, includes some expected items. Keys, wallets, vapes, ID’s. You’re not here for that, since you’ve more than likely left one of these things in an Uber before. The next category is the 50 most unique items left in an Uber between 2018 and 2019. That list includes things like;

  • 8 week old coffee-colored Chihuahua
  • Black faux fur neck cuff in a size large
  • A photo of a New Years kiss
  • 6 chicken tenders from 7 Eleven
  • A black and white tuxedo for a small dog
  • Full set of 18k gold teeth
  • Professional grade hula hoop
  • Salmon head
  • Medium sized medical marijuana pipe (it should be noted that this is, thankfully, not a large one)
  • Harry potter magic wand
  • Yeezy Boost 350 Butters
  • One Gucci flip flop
  • 10 lbs pulled pork and 10 lbs pulled chicken (not separate)
  • Full fish tank WITH fish AND water
  • A pack of hair and a brown brush shaped like a foot

Other data to come out of the third annual list includes information about what types of items are most often left in cars at certain times of the day and week. More specifically, Uber riders are, unsurprisingly, more forgetful on the weekends and late at night. The most forgetful days of the year were on major party holidays like New Years Eve and Halloween. Uber also found that there were specific items that riders were more likely to forget on certain days. Things like watches, headphones, and laptops were most often forgotten in a car on weekdays. Meanwhile, things like cakes, passports, and phones were forgotten on the weekends. Cakes?

Finally, Uber wants its riders to remember that retrieving lost items from your ride is fairly simple. The easiest way to get something back is to call the driver that you left it with. More often than not, they can return it to you quickly and without hassle. But what happens if you leave your phone in the car? Not. to worry, you can log into your account from another device and file a claim within the site. Fill out a short form and enter information for how you would like to be contacted regarding the lost item and your driver will get back to you with it. You can read the list for yourself or learn about how to retrieve your missing gold fish on Uber’s website here.


Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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